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E46 M3 (2001-2006) Engine: S54 - Max Hp: 333 hp at 7,900 rpm / 262 lb/ft at 4,900 rpm
Total Produced: 45,000+ - Years Produced: 2001 to 2006.

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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 04:19:31 PM   #1
DiXiS 18
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Default Beware of VAC Motorsports

I just had a long headache of an issue with VAC motorsports I wanted to relay to everyone. If they have such a difficult job completing a simple order, Iím not sure how anyone can trust them with something serious like building a motor. This is what happened with me. I got Recaro seats and needed mounting hardware for them and decided to go with all VAC parts since I hear they are the best.

I placed an order with VAC Motorsports. I purchased their seat belt adapters and side mounts for Recaroís. These were placed after speaking on the phone with 2 different representatives and confirmed that these parts are necessary and what would fit my seats.

I attempt installing seats in my car. I begin working on driverís side seat and when I attempt to mount the side mounts to my seats there isnít enough of a gap for a bolt to be put under to fit to the floor mounts. I initially contact VAC and explain the problem. They look it over with their engineer and say that maybe Iím putting the side mounts on backwards. I try flipping them around (they are now the opposite of what the install instructions I am provided with say) and they still donít work. They agree that their side mounts are the issue and I request these to be replaced with Recaro side mounts. My car remains apart as I figure the replacement mounts will be here shortly and I donít want to go through the labor and spend the time to put my car back together when Iíll just have to pull it apart again in a couple days.

Am told by VAC rep that they will place a order for them to be drop shipped to me.

I find out that there is only 1 side of Recaro side mounts in stock through phone call and I should be receiving it tomorrow. I figure Iíll just get the one side for now as my car is apart and waiting for these parts to put it back together. Later that day I sent a email to VAC asking which ones they ordered. Steel/Aluminum and to confirm a pic of what they ordered.

I get a reply saying he BELIEVES they are the aluminum Recaro universals.

I call and email every 1-2 days requesting tracking information. I either get no replyís, take messages and never here back, or a let me check and call you right back and nothing ever happens.

I finally get the VAC representative on the phone and he says that he forgot to order me the side mounts. Not sure how that is possible as he had already told me that he has done it and I kept bugging him about it. He said he would order them right then and I would be getting them in a few days.

Then towards the end of the day I get a email saying that they cannot order me my replacement side mounts until I have a tracking number for them for the return of the old mounts. I respond with an email saying how ridiculous it is that they couldnít have told me this 2 weeks ago when we initially had the issue. I have already waited a long time with no resolve. I leave my class and rush home to make it to the UPS store and send the brackets out. Send him the tracking info.

Get a response saying that he is sorry and they are short staffed recently.

VAC receives the side mounts I shipped back to them. I still do not have a tracking number.

I inform VAC that I have shipped their side mounts back to them across the country before they can even provide me with a tracking number for my replacements. I also ship back the seat belt adapters and provide them the tracking number for that item. I request a refund for both items. Order side mounts through another distributor.

I get a response from VAC rep in shock that I have not received the mounts yet. Well, why would I have if he never placed the order? Agrees to send me a refund for my order.

I still have not received a refund from VAC. I open a credit card dispute.

Was expecting credit card company to contact me and get my side of the story and emails that I have from VAC. They close the case stating that VAC has a tracking number for the replacement side mounts for me (still doesnít explain the seat belt adapters either). I am still waiting on that tracking number or any info. They also stated that I have damaged their side mounts in the process of attempting to install them as they have scratches on them and are now unsellable. So for those of you who decide to use the VAC mounts, do not torque your bolts down as that is apparently not the way they are supposed to be installed. I have reopened my credit card dispute and will be submitting all paperwork so they can see who clearly is at fault and the liar in this case.

After close to a month of not receiving mounts, now I am close to a month without a refund either. Take it for what itís worth but I will not be ordering from VAC anymore. I donít mean to bash them because they make some good products like their floor mounts, but this was just ridiculous and I needed to share. There are plenty of better vendors who have gone above and beyond in helping me and they deserve my business.
2005 ///M3 Titanium Silver/Black 6SPD

And if you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing, competing to win.
-Ayrton Senna
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 04:35:36 PM   #2
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United States

Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

They obviously care more about making money than making happy customers...the wrong way to do business.

Do they have a facebook page? I highly suggest starting there, little do they know if they would of providing outstanding service and took a loss on your sale you could of been posting how awesome everything worked out and they would get more customers, instead it will be the opposite.

is this the company?

2001 Topaz Blue 325Ci 64-120k miles sold
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 04:47:52 PM   #3
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

Wow, not what I would have expected from an avid BMW vendor. Sorry dude.
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 06:41:53 PM   #4
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

Unfortunately, this is a common theme around the BMW community nowadays. Of course, there are exceptions.

Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I recently placed an order for a set of spacers from Turner. Several business days later and they still haven't shipped. So, I do what any normal being would do: contact them to find out what's up. I get a response and it turns out the spacers were in stock, but they simply forgot to fulfill the order.


I realize mistakes happen. But this is the second time it happened. That's one too many.
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 06:47:18 PM   #5
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United States

Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

Thanks for sharing!! I was panning to order from them as well to match the baby recaro seats I just ordered from the uk. Ill not be stopping at their site. /delete bookmark done.
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 07:17:04 PM   #6
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

I have had repeated bad experiences at VAC Motorsports. Don't be a fool and assume their racing heritage and reputation transfers to their service department. Two most recent issues that I had with them is that they installed rear progressive springs upside down and they overfilled my oil when I got it changed there. Bush league.
'04 E46 M3 - 6MT - Mystic Blue
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 09:26:33 PM   #7
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

Wow, sorry to hear about your troubles with getting a seat fitted. They do make some good parts, but in your case there are better out there...

At any rate, THESE are the side mounts that you should be getting.
E46 M3 - Z3 M Roadster - Chevrolet Chevelle - Ferrari 348
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 09:44:37 PM   #8
Rocky Dennis FTW
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

I've had good experiences with them, sorry to hear about all the trouble. Looks like its hit or miss unfortunately.

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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 10:05:29 PM   #9
SoCal S54 specialist :P
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

Friend of mine had a rather unpleasant experience with their coated rod bearings. They arrived bunched up together and damaged. VAC didn't want to do anything. Mind you I was the one who recommended VAC to said friend, strictly out of hearsay and reputation. Needless to say I felt bad and tried to deal with them for him. A couple PMs and a deleted thread later (m3post), nothing.
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Old Mon, Nov-26-2012, 10:16:00 PM   #10
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Default Re: Beware of VAC Motorsports

Add me to the list of people who have had a bad experience with VAC...

2003 TiAg/Imola SMG to 6MT: AST 4100, Vorshlag Camber Plates, Status Gruppe Headers, Status Gruppe Muffler, Recaro SPG, VAC Floor Mounts, TiAg Kirk Roll bar, G-force 6pt Harnesses, Evolve Tune, TMS Power Pullies, AKG DTM Shifter, Macht Schnell Stage 1 Intake, Hardwired V1, MH Stud Conversion, APEX ARC-8, AKG 75D Subframe Bushings, 95A Diff Bushings, BMW Motorsport 4.10 diff

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