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M3 Car Care and Detailing Place to discuss keeping your M looking its best.

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Old Wed, Jun-09-2010, 02:31:24 AM   #1
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Default How often do you wash and wax your car?

Just wondering what most people do.
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Old Wed, Jun-09-2010, 02:43:00 AM   #2
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I wash my car almost every week (depends on how much I drive). It's mainly my DD. I wax my car every 2 washes. I find it much easier to clean when I wax it more often.
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Old Wed, Jun-09-2010, 03:18:32 AM   #3
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wax?? Never. ever. I ONLY use high tech polymers that last almost 6 months. Wax lasts maybe 3 weeks here in FL
I wash ALL the time. up to 3 times a week becasue of bird crap. I cant kill them fast enuf. Rats with wings. I hate those Mourning Doves!!!

When it rains in the summer i wash my car even more because of horrible road grime that kills the paint.

Npoo one including every single palce i have EVER been to knows how to properly hand wash a car. My detailer showed me.

1) No high pressure water especially on wheels. NO deagreaser ever.
2) Rinse rinse rinse ..LOTS of water
3) No buckets ever. 3 sponges. one for the top and sides. another one when the first gets dirty. a third for the wheels and wheel wells and under rockers.
4) LIHGT pressure. VERY light. Use lots of car SHAMPOO nt dish washing liquid.
Dont effing scrub idots. I HATE to see my washers scrub my car. All they are doing is deeply scratching the clear coat with dirt. I get y car detailed to take out ALL micro sratches. ALL of them. One bad hand wash and the car can be full of swirls again.

5) Use pressure ONLY when the car is fairly clean. Rinse the sponge a LOT. Dirt scratches!

6) tAKE NOZZLE OFF TO rinse the car. use soft water for this step if you can.

7) NO SQUEEGEES. NO CHAMOIS! Use a leaf blower and ultra clean miro fiber towels.

This takes no longer than normal to wash a car this way and you will do WONDERS to save a perfect swirl free finish.

My car has 50%Gasurit (re)paint and THE WHOLE CAR all has been wet block sanded and buffed to a piano mirror finish. I cant keep it his way because every idiot "expert" hand car washer is convinced that hard scrubbing is fantastic for the car. I try.... and fail to Eduard them. Thats why they wash cars for a living. My detailer is way way to busy doing million dollar cars to drive 15 miles to wash mine.

I get ALL the scratches removed every 6 months and new polymer applied.
I keep my car outside uncovered in a HARSH HARSH South FL weather. my paint can be brought to a near concurs appearance with a professional buff.

Try this method for washing. it is VERY easy and takes maybe a little longer if you let the soap soak for a few minutes. Soaking is GOOD.
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Old Wed, Jun-09-2010, 05:14:40 AM   #4
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ONR (Optimum No Rinse) wash as needed, usually 1-2 times a week (2 bucket, 2 grit guard, 2 sheepskin mitt method). Then I follow with Finish Kare 425 QD.
Wax ~every 6 weeks. It's not needed that often, but I love trying out new waxes and enjoy working on the finish.

I also conduct a full blown paint correction detail (foam bath / clay / polish (2-3 stage) / sealant / wax) every fall and spring.

Sealants used in the past:
Chemical Guys Jetseal 109
Menzerna Full Molecular Jacket
Menzerna Power Lock (quickly becoming my favorite sealant)
Ultima Paint Guard Plus

Waxes used in the past (some of these are "technically" sealants, but labeled as waxes):
Chemical Guys Pete's 53 (my "go to" 'nuba wax)
Chemical Guys 50/50
Dodo Juice Supernatural
1Z Glanz Wax
Finish Kare 1000P
Collinite 845 (amazing winter protection/durability with a great "wet" look and depth)
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Old Wed, Jun-09-2010, 05:54:03 AM   #5
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Wash every week.
Wax when she needs some.
Well the guy asked for how often but people put what they did and used so i guess i will also...
Up in norcal i use the two buck method with the mr clean washer so i could dry it that way.
In Socal I use the absorber to dry.
Do a full detail before summer so it'll look good throughout the summer. Then before winter. All Meguiar's product except the soap i use Ice cause it smells good and Cosco sells it YEEEEEEE. Just makes everything simpler.
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Old Thu, Jun-10-2010, 04:43:07 PM   #6
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Wash it once a week. Which includes this process:
Pressure washer container filled with soap
using low pressure nozzle, I foam the entire car. Let sit for a minute.
Foam entire car again. Let sit for another minute
Use medium nozzle, rinse entire car
Foam car again
Get bucket with water and soap and microfiber sponge
Get another bucket with clean water
LIGHTLY rub car with soap, rinse in clean water bucket, then go to soap bucket. Repeat.
Rinse entire car

Then wax about once a month with PC random orbit and soft red pad on number 2 setting with liquid carnauba. Rub wax off with clean microfiber towel by hand.

Then detail spray it.
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