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Closed Thread
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Old Wed, Dec-17-2003, 06:45:11 AM   #31
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listed according to importance
auto vs. manual
If you can satisfy those three your car will otherwise be fairly well equipped
mine was equipped with the upgraded computer and cd changer, but no cruise control
I would have preferred a red m3 and fold down rear seats
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Old Wed, Dec-17-2003, 04:42:28 PM   #32
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I almost let my patience get to me... originally, I had ALWAYS wanted Dakar. I was searching for months, and kept coming up with either ones with 120k+ miles, or were way too expensive. My second choice was Avus, and I began giving up on Dakar. I went to look at an Avus in Washington, DC and almost jumped the gun on buying it. The next night I was bored so I was browsing ebay, and saw this Dakar in NJ, emailed the dealership it was at, went to look at it, and bought it later that week. Aside from the whole motor warranty and that big fiasco (sp?) the car has been a dream. Heres a pic from what it used to look like, to what it looks like now...

- Andrew

95 Dakar M3 (SOLD)
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-a few extras
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Old Wed, Dec-17-2003, 05:13:45 PM   #33
in motor oil
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I am perfectly happy with my purchase. If i changed anything, it would be to purchase a used car from a private buyer and save on state taxes. Where as the dealer charges you a percentage of the purchase price. Buying from a another owner in IL, teh max tax price is 1500 or 2000 bucks, doesnt matter if its an M3 or a 360 modena.
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what's next???
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Old Wed, Dec-17-2003, 06:57:26 PM   #34
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when i 1st looked for an m3, i was looking for a 2 dr manual silver m3...

if i had to buy a m3 again, i would take a lil patience instead of rushing into buying an m3. after a couple weeks, i found better deals, in probably better conditions. i could of offered the seller a lower price than he wanted... and waited a week for him to agree with me, but instead i lowered it to just a little bit less...
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Old Wed, Dec-17-2003, 08:02:04 PM   #35
Todd Templeton
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Default My advise

Obviously the transmission, body style and color are the major considerations. Mileage, condition and price would be next IMO.

I would recommend the listings because you can zero in on the exact car you are looking for according to all your criteria, easily. I would make the search area the entire country because a long drive would be well worth it for the car you want, not to mention a lot of fun anyway. Or, for $1000 you can have it delivered to your doorstep.

My last recommendation would be to find a BMW Certified Preowned car. It's not so much that it's a great warranty (it only covers the major items) but the car has to pass a long certification inspection where any problems should be fixed prior to that car being certified. It also qualifies for much better financing or leasing than you could normally get without the CPO program.

That's what worked for me. It's the first used car I've bought in many years and it's worked out very well. I found mine 180 miles from home, but I would have gone much further for the car I wanted.
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Old Fri, Dec-19-2003, 08:12:34 PM   #36
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I don't really have any complaints about my purchase.. because I waited a long time for "the one" and when I saw her.. I just knew... I had been car shopping for about 6-8 months before I finally found her... I looked at many 98 and 99's in my price range ($25K) w/ around 60K+ miles.. but when I showed up.. it wasn't as "immaculate" as they had described in their ads... so instead of giving in and saying "I'll never find one that fits exactly my needs since its a used car thats 4 yrs old by now" I waited...

I wanted either Cosmos black (this is what I got), Titanium Silver, Alpine white or Techno Violet... nothing wrong w/ the other available colors.. it just wants my style... I'm not very flashy.. and the red, yellow or estoril (although they all look great) is a bit too flashy for my own personal taste...

came across a 99 w/ only 36K, it was garaged and maintained meticulously, its only flaw was it had bald tires.. and flaw to the owner.. it was a 2 door and he had a baby on the way.. so his wife said he needed to get rid of it and get some sort of car w/ "easier access" to putting in and taking out the child seat.... he wanted 27K but I bargained him down a little... I guess maybe I could have bargained harder since he HAD TO sell cuz of the baby.. but other than that... no regrets..
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Old Fri, Dec-19-2003, 11:41:39 PM   #37
I break things
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i'll second that opinion (or third? or fourth? i lost count) about taking your time.

M3s are extremely rare where i live, so when one practically fell in my lap, i spooged and jumped on it. great for sellers, bad for buyers. i got lucky, nothing major wrong with the car, but it could have turned out for the worse because i hadn't really done my homework before buying.

i got the car first and then started learning about it by visiting forums like this. Sammyzuko it is good that you are doing the learing part first, then making a buying decision. that's probably the biggest thing i'd change if i had to do it over again.

btw, i gave this thread 5 stars
DesmoBob in Paradise
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Old Sat, Dec-20-2003, 01:59:57 AM   #38
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Hmmm... Well, I have only owned the car for two months, but here goes. At first I thought that getting an auto tranny was not good (mostly because I heard so many people bashing them on this site), but this auto tranny is very nice. It's a 5 speed, same grear ratio as the stick, it down shifts for you, and shifts at the right times when racing around. It's really responsive and really quite nice. Plus when I am in traffic, not having to clutch is soooooo great. I do sit in traffic quite a bit when I head down to LA (once a week or so) for datacenter trips (I'm a senior systems engineer for a .com) so, yes, the auto is absolutely great then. So, I'm still a little on the fence with this whole auto/manual issue. I like them both, but for now, the auto is perfect for me and my current driving habits.

I do love the color of my car (the green paint and tan interior go so well together), but if I had to choose color again, I'd go with Estoril! No 4 door action for me, either. I like the convertible, I'd get it again if given the choice. Living in a climate favorable for convertibles (Santa Barbara, CA) has a lot to do with that choice! So, that could change if I move to a place with more or harsher weather conditions. Not planning on it anytime soon, though.

This car was owned by my friend's uncle, and he had too many toys, plus I needed a new car, so it all just worked out. I had not even really shopped around at all, but this car seemed like a gem, so I swooped on it. 23.5K w/ 67K miles, and in amazing condition. I car faxed it and got the full vehicle history report. Thankfully it all came up good. So, at present, I wouldn't change anything, but maybe after owning this car for a while I will feel differently. Possibly ready for a change? Who knows...
r e v e n a n t

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