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Forced Induction (F/I) Discuss the ever growing F/I options here!

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Old Fri, Oct-27-2017, 12:07:40 PM   #1
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Default Meth Addicts and Compression Drop

Hey Guys,

I'm running a stage 2(.5?) maxPSI kit with a PT-6870 and getting ready for a grudge race next spring against a friend of mine. I wanted to get people's personal experience from two power adders.

1. Meth kits: I hear mixed stories with meth kits on the s54 FI world, they work great on my rotaries but obviously apples to oranges. What did you like, not like, and what problems occurred from running meth?

2. Dropping compression: I'd rather not build the bottom end just yet and looking into installing a thicker head gasket but once again it doesn't seem like there's much info out there on that. I have one or two shops that are experienced in other bmw platforms but want to hear more info on people's experiences from dropping compression with a head gasket. Were knock values affected? Any issues with installing them, or sealing? etc?

I would appreciate any info or advice. This guy has been running his mouth for awhile now and although I know my current race gas mode is plenty to beat him, he's talked enough trash that I'm looking to humiliate him. Help me out guys


02 AW/IR M3 MaxPSI 2+ 6870 208k original miles and counting!
400 rwhp @ 4psi HPDE setting; 1:46.8 CMP "M3 record?"
495 rwhp @ 9psi 93 octane daily; best trap 118 1/4 mile
560 rwhp @ 13psi 100 octane; best trap 128 1/4 mile
720 rwhp @ 19psi E85 "Kill Mode" best trap 130 spinning tires and clutch
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Old Fri, Oct-27-2017, 02:23:15 PM   #2
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Default Re: Meth Addicts and Compression Drop

Meth will give you a nice boost. Snow performance

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Old Sat, Oct-28-2017, 05:42:59 PM   #3
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Default Re: Meth Addicts and Compression Drop

Years ago HPF made about 700 rwhp with meth but they used an aftermarket ECU and tuned for it. Untuned, it is a good safety aid but running a race gas or E85 tune might be better.

Years ago, VF claimed it attempted to drop CR with a thicker HG on an S54 but said the timing chain was too tight. It's also more work to do a HG on an S54 than an S52 (thicker HG common on FI S52).

I don't have E85 or the ability to easily change tunes so I run 93 pump with direct port meth as a safety aid and have lower CR -- first through a thicker HG now through a built motor but this is on an S52.
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