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M3Forum Welcome Center Place for new members and to check in and say hello. If you're a new M3 owner or enthusiast, please check our FAQ's.

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Old Thu, May-13-2004, 03:28:36 AM   #1
that one guy...
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Default Making A Signature FAQ

Here is how you go about making/editing your signature.

First of all, make sure you are logged in to the forum or else you will flipping out because you wont see some of the options.

*** Before you continue past this point: Please read and comprehend the signature guidelines. They can be found by clicking here.***

Editing Your Signature:
1) Got up to the top to 'User CP'
2) When it loads up, on the left hand side there is a menu called 'Control Panel'. Under that, there is an option that says, 'Edit Signature'. Click that.
3) Now the screen will change and you have a text box where you can eidt anything in there.

Making A Signature:
Here you can do just about anything. If you are familar with HTML then you can use a lot of the basic Font/Text editing tags but instead of <> you use []. Always make sure that you close your tags too (i.e. if you are editing font you would use '[FONT SIZE=2] insert font here [/FONT]' notice how the / is there to close the tag.

*NOTE* it's easier if you just click the radio button for 'Enhanced Mode' and then just highlight the text you wish to edit and set the appropriate options.

Adding An Image:
If you want to add an image, make sure you have a picture to begin with (made with photshop or an image you found on the internet). Try not using too big of a picture cause it is just eye straining.

You are going to use the '[IMG]' and '[/IMG]' tags, without the tick (') marks, for inserting an image.

In between the tags you can just paste the hyperlink (i.e. MAKE sure it is actually linked to the picture and ends in an image extention (i.e. .jpg .jpeg .gif .bmp etc...) and NOT just a html file

*NOTE* If you see a picture somwhere you like, right-click the image, go to properties, and then copy the link. If you just copy the link at the top of the page, you are just linking the website and you will be mad that your sig pic isnt working.

If you are in enhanced mode just click the picture icon, paste the link, then hit the picture icon again to close the tag.

I hope this helps somewhat and takes a load off the mods from reading so many threads about sigs
Teh Grimmoble!!11one
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Old Thu, May-13-2004, 03:36:32 AM   #2
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Thanks for doing this for all the new members.

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