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Old Wed, Mar-18-2009, 01:43:51 AM   #1
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Default Evil rear end handling. Newbie posting

Hello there,

New here, but been around cars for a while and have had my '05 M3 convertible since new with 53K on it now. While I love this car, I've had some issues with it over the past almost 4 years. Some have been dealer induced, but I've struggled with rear end problems since new. I'm on my 3rd differential, first one replaced at 20K. Not my driving, I used to race cars and know how to treat them well. In fact, I've been babying this last diff so much that grandmothers in their Buick's are beating me off the line!

In addition to the diff problems, the handling has always been suspect, especially under acceleration and deceleration. Right now, even when I shift gently, the rear steps to the left when the clutch goes in, and steps to the right when I let the clutch out. When I want excitement, I drive in the wet. If I drive over tar snakes (abundant in Montgomery County, MD), the rear is all over the place, mostly jumping to the right. I'm not talking centimeters, I'm talking jumping inches.

I've been under the car to look for obvious cracks, loose bolts, etc. My dealership insists there is nothing wrong, done multiple alignments, checked diff mounts, trans mounts, and engine mounts (at my insistence). They've replaced half shafts, bearings, pretty much everything (except the RTAB's after reviewing all of my service records). That said (as stated above) these guys have been anything but good...

I'm out of warranty, so I'm getting ready to upgrade the car anyway. I'm just curious if a) could this possible be the RTAB's? b) is this something I couldn't find when I searched the forum? c) who knows of a good suspension shop in Maryland/Virginia?

Thanks for your help!!

2005 M3 Convertible, 2008 CLK 320 Convertible, 2008 320 ML CDI, 2003 minivan, bunch of motorcycles
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Old Thu, Mar-19-2009, 06:03:45 AM   #2
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RTAB's would be the first thing I'd replace given what you are explaining.
'96 M3 coupe
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Old Fri, Mar-27-2009, 06:53:40 PM   #3
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Have you check the rear sub frame or rear struts?
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Old Wed, Apr-01-2009, 09:25:18 AM   #4
38 pistons
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Definitely replace the RTAB's if they havent been done already. Well, inspect them first, but chances are that is your problem. Mine went at 30k mi and the car exhibited the same 'dancing' symptoms you are describing. not a bad DIY job at all, and there are several stiffer aftermarket versions out there if you want, and some forum members rent the tool required to press out the bushing. Also check the rest of your subframe while you are at it...bushings, mount points for fracture, etc.
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Old Sat, Apr-04-2009, 07:39:07 PM   #5
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Default quit going back to *that* dealer; 2nd on the RTABS

Not uncommon for RTABS to be gone at your mileage but sounds like they've been worn for a while and are now shot. You're close to due for control arm bushings in front and shocks struts all around in all likelihood.
If it's your nickle now, find an indy shop that does BMW performance mods, they'll be better at most this suspension stuff anyway, and it sounds suspect that your dealer wouldn't put these in by now unless your description/problem has varied.
I would check the subframe mounting points as already mentioned, but with any luck that's ok.
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Old Mon, Jan-18-2016, 09:33:20 PM   #6
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Default Re: Evil rear end handling. Newbie posting

E46 M3 rear springs also break (it happened to me at 75K miles), but that should have been found by anyone looking for problems in the rear end.
2005 M3 Silbergrau Metallic on black; 6MT, ZCP, ZPP, ZCW, Nav, Dinan exhaust, two AR20 resonators in section 1, Autosolutions SSK, Turner rear adjustable camber arms, Fucy CSL diffuser, Intravee II, stealth V1 install with ash tray remote, OEM first aid boxes under both seats, Ultimate pedals and more...
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Old Fri, Jun-10-2016, 05:55:50 PM   #7
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Default Re: Evil rear end handling. Newbie posting

Hi everyone i wonder if someone can help me with decision :
I ve just change air filter in my BMW 325 TI 2002 i ve take Off full box and install universal sport Carbon air filter , also i take Off the small part with air sensor i unplug and take Off
Can you tell me if thats ok to Drive without this sensor ? What can happen ? Is my car will be faster or not without this ?

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differential, end, evil, handling, newbie, posting, rear, suspension

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