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Default Short abbreviations list

Pulled form Alldata:
Though some of you might find it useful

BMW Abbreviations and Acronyms

Throughout your career as a BMW Group Service Technician you will come across many acronyms in the various Technical publications. Even BMW is an acronym. An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a longer word. These are a list of acronyms describing various systems on BMW Group automobiles and SAVs.

Remember this is only a partial list. The BMW Group is a dynamic company and is always adding new systems to its products. Look for new systems and acronyms with new Technical Training courses, Service Information, and Technical Information Bulletins.

A Processed Vehicle Speed
AB Airbag
ABS Anti-lock Braking System
ADS Engine Intake Air Control
ADV W/wiper Pressure Control
AGS Adaptive Transmission Control
AIC Automatic Interval Control (rain sensor)
ARS Active Roll Stabalization
ASC All Season Traction
ASC+T ASC+Traction
ASK Audio System Controller
AST Slip Control (Marketing term)
AUC Automatic Air Recirculation
B Benzene (gasoline)
BC Board Computer
BC1 Body Controller 1
BLS Brake Light Switch
BMBT Board Monitor
BS Block Diagram
BST Battery Safety Terminal
BZM Center Consol Control Center
CAS Car Activation System
CBC Corner Braking Control
CAN-Bus Controller Area Network(bus)
CCM Check Control Module
CIM Chassis Integration Module
CVM Convertible Top Module
CVT Constantly Variable Trans.
D-Bus Diagnosis Bus (same as TXD)
DBC Dynamic Brake Control
DCS Dealer Communication System
DDE Digital Diesel Electronics
DIN German Industrial Standards
DIS Diagnosis and Information System
DISA Differential Air Intake Control
DK Throttle Housing
DKI Throttle Position
DME Digital Motor Electronics
DM-TL Diag.Module Tank Leakage
DSC Dynamic Stability Control
DSP Digital Sound Processing
DTC Diagnostic Trouble Code
DWA Theft Deterrent System
DWS Tire Pressure Warning System
EBV Electronic Brake Proportioning
E-KAT Electrically Heated Catalytic Converter
ECM Engine control module (SAE)
EDC Electronic Dampening Control
EDK Electronic Throttle Valve
EGS Electronic Transmission Control
EH Electronic Hydraulic
EHC Electronic Height Control
EKM Electronic Body Module
EKP Electronic Fuel Pump
ELV Electronic Steering Lock
EM Electro-Mechanical
EME Electro-Mechanical Emergency Brake
EML Electronic Motor Load Regulation
EO Component Location
EPC Electronic Parts Catalog
ETM Elec. Troubleshooting Manual
EWS Electronic Driveaway Protection
FB Function Description
FBZV Radio Frequency Locking
FRU Flat Rate Unit
GAL Speed Dependent Volume
GM General Module
GMR Yaw Moment Control
GRII Cruise Control
GPS Global Positioning System
HDC Hill Decent Control
HFM Hot Film Air Mass Meter
IB Interior lighting Control Signal
I-Bus Information Bus
IHKA Automatic Heating and A/C
IHKR Regulated Heating and A/C
IHKS Standard Heating and A/C
IKE Instrument Cluster Electronics
IR Infrared
ISIS Intelligent Safety Integration System
ISN Individual Serial Number
KAT Catalytic Converter
KATON Converter Heating (signal)
K-Bus Body Bus
KL Terminal Designation
KO Compressor "ON" Signal
KOMBI Instrument Cluster
KOREL Compressor Relay Signal
KW Crankshaft
LCM Lamp Check Module
LDP Leak Diagnosis Pump
LEV Low Emissions Vehicle
LKM Lamp Control Module
LL Closed Throttle
LRA Vertical Headlight Aiming
LSM Steering Column Memory
LSZ Lamp Switching Center
LVA Air Supply System
LWR Vertical Headlight Aiming
LWS 5 Steering Angle Sensor
MBC Maximum Brake Control
MDK Motororized Throttle Valve
MFL Multi-Function Steering Wheel
MEC Multi-Function Controller
MID Multi-Information Display
MoDiC Mobile Diagnostic Computer
MRS Multiple Restraint System
MSR Engine Drag Torque Reduction
NG New Generation
OBC On-Board Computer
OBD On-Board Diagnosis (SAE)
PB Pin Assignments
P-Bus Periphery Bus
PDC Park Distance Control
PWG Pedal Position Sensor
RDC Tire Pressure Control
RDW Tire Pressure Warning
RM Relay Module
RPS Rollover Protection System
RPW Tire Puncture Warning
RXD Wake-up Diagnosis Line
RZV Direct Stationary Ignition
SB Fuse Assignments
SBE Seat Occupancy Detector
SCA Soft Close Actuator
SG Control Unit
SGS Seat Integrated Belt System
SHD Sunroof Module
SII Service Interval Indicator
SM Seat Module
SP Schematic
ST Connector Views
SZM Central Switch Center Module
TD Engine Speed
ti Injector on time
TL Part Throttle
TLEV Transitional Low Emission Vehicle
TRS Battery Isolation Switch
TSH Door Lock Heating
TU Technical Update
TXD Transmitting Diagnosis Line
VANOS Variable Camshaft Timing
VL Full load - wide open throttle
WK Converter Lock-up Clutch
ZAE Central Airbag Electronics
ZGM Central Gateway Module
ZKE Central Body Electronics
ZV Central Locking System
ZVM Central Locking Module
ZWD Idle Control Valve
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Default Re: Short abbreviations list

good to know!
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Default Re: Short abbreviations list

Couple more that confused me way back when I was a newbie:

ZCP - Code for the competition package, offered on US spec M3s in 2005 and 2006
LSB - Laguna Seca Blue, paint color

2006 M3 ZCP 6MT - Interlagos Blue /// Imola Red
2005 M3 ZCP 6MT - Alpine White /// Imola Red (Gone)
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abbreviations, list, short

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