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Member Journals Do you have a long term project you would like to share with the community? Use this forum to create a single thread which you can update over time to document the progress.

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Old Thu, Aug-15-2019, 06:38:07 PM   #1
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Default Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Stone's 2011 BMW e92 M3 Competition Build Blog

Welcome to the blog of my e92 M3, the car that's slowly winning me over from my trusty e46 M3 but it wasn't always this way!

As she stands currently (Coming together now)

November 2018 saw a new car arrive in my collection & one that only a few years ago I would never have seen me owning.. an E92 M3!

I've been an e46 M3 fan boy for some time and few years ago I purchased a 2003 e46 M3 as weekend toy to enjoy when not commuting in my trusty 320d, like all things the modifications were only supposed to be light and once I accepted I would struggle to own/justify a genuine CSL i built a replica, chuffed to bits with it and enjoying thousands of miles & some epic road trips including across Europe it has been a truly marvellous toy that never fails to get me excited!

A link to the e46 M3 build for those interested -

Sadly though my trusty 320D had reached 165,000 miles and a few trips to the Alps snowboarding + heavy winters with lots of miles & lack of cleaning had killed the body on the old girl so I reached the point where I knew it would need replacing after 5 years of loyal service but with the dual mass rattling, turbo wining & becoming difficult to start in the cold mornings and now covering only 15 miles a day commuting the replacement wouldn't have to be "great" on fuel, with Diesels no longer being desirable & known issues with short commutes on DPF's the idea of 335d was stamped out even though it would have been an epic torque monster for daily use..

An evening at a local BBQ smoke house with my good friend Matt the conversation came around of an e92 M3 as an option, I loved the sound track of the V8 but had never been completely sold on the look of the car and had always preferred the F80 M3 but as the values on those were tumbling at silly rate I knew deep down the e92 would be a better purchase even if I would be on first name basis with the staff members at Shell, I decided to hunt for a well spec'd facelift competition as they appear to hold values better than pre-face lift base models, my minimal requirement -
  • Face lift
  • White
  • Competition pack with EDC
  • DCT

It was harder than expected to find a Comp car, a few were for sale but at strong money with no report of shell or actuator replacement so I had to budget another £2k on top of the purchase price but then one appeared on Cutters, good price, mileage & spec but did have a few previous owners and I wasn't blown away with it in the pictures but I took the trip to view it and I'm glad I did as after talking to the owner and completing a test drive the deposit was left for collection the following weekend. (Thanks again John, pleasure dealing with you)

During that week and with the help of the forum I found a few of the previous owners which put my mind at ease as I could find out if anything had happened to the car over the years but all came back clear.

Collection time (first picture at Shell petrol station haha)

First day of ownership was exciting and the S65 lump is certainly a screamer compared to the e46's S54 which is very impressive for a V8, as much as I was enjoying the e92 it was clear why so many loved the e46 and had never made the switch to the later generation M3 as it does feel big, heavy and not as lively as the e46 but for a capable daily I wasn't disappointed with my decision, the previous owner had had the PCW 2 pipe modification completed on the back box which sounds fantastic (dare I say it could be a little louder) coming into round about's blipping down the box with the windows down was certainly entertaining

Any way, back home and much to the other half delight I had dominated the newly laid block paved drive way in cars/projects lol..

The following day I went out with my good friend Matt to compare both the cars back to back, we both ended up fighting for the keys to the e46 this weekend but as you read on I do really start to bond with the e92

The first video on the Stone Automotive Youtube channel introducing the car and my initial thoughts

I had my first proper breakfast run out in it with the boys on an early & cold Sunday morning, really started to enjoy the car and had my first real play with the suspension set to hard, S5, MDM on etc and it really was a different motor, really impressed with MDM for what it is, in the e46 I just switch the traction control off as I find it comes in far to early but in 3c temps & with Pilot Sport tyres it would only really cut power on the limit of how side ways you would want to be on the road.

So onto the big one... every time I opened it up I had visions of a con rod exiting the bonnet or hearing that horrible grumble of metal on metal death so as originally planned it was time to drop it in for shells, being a 2011 model it came with the later design which from reading online an ever so slightly larger clearance than the copper shells was fitted but with 65,000 miles and a few previous owners it just wasn't worth the risk as I knew it was highly likely all these cars were being driven hard from cold with warranty so people wouldn't have cared about taking it easy not to mention people would be pushing oil interval changes to the full 15,000 miles so it was off to Evolve for the shell service, very glad I did it as you can see the pick up on all the uppers! Thankfully Evolve advised there was no damage/markings to the crank so with my current warm up procedure of allowing nearly 3-5 minutes on idle and not exceeding 2,500rpm/light throttle use till upto full operating temperature combined with planned 6,000 mile/ 1 year interval oil changes the block should be capable of double the mileage of the original shells with no issues.

The old engine mounts were shot so a good move Evolve make in changing these whilst the sub frame is lowered for the service, I know a lot of people have been replacing the shells with uprated versions but my concern with that was it was all still relatively new/unknown with how they would be 60k down the line, I'm confident that the stock shells will deliver but sadly the majority of owners would have just jumped in and driven these cars without thinking about warming them up fully, there have been reports of stock shells lasting in excess of 100k, if you have seen 60w oil cold it's scary how thick it is

Another blog covering my thoughts on why I went with the stock LCI BMW shells

I finally got round to purchasing & fitting a 5 digit plate for the car, guess its always a personal opinion but I think it really cleans the look of the car, sadly 5 digit plates are becoming harder to purchase for the £250 mark but settled for the below, supposed to stand for "James Stone Fun" - I'm happy with it lol! ended up purchasing another 84mm drop plate for the front so looks a little cleaner without shouting pull me (same size as fitted to the e46 M3) crap dark evening shots

ew key ordered from BMW vines group, previous owner had damaged the spare so knew I needed to get one ordered, always like having a spare, also treated it to a little "M" key ring, only a couple of quid and stops the banging around from my previous metal one

Finally put an old ferrero rocher box from Christmas to good use, nice little display for the garage and a reminder as to why its always important to properly warm up your engine before use

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Old Thu, Aug-15-2019, 06:55:33 PM   #2
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Default Re: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Surrey Rolling Road Session + Filter preparation

Every drive in the car has become more enjoyable but I am starting to crave some more volume from the exhaust note, Pre-catalyst removal seems to be the number one choice combined with a remap/ calibration to bring it all together with gains of 25-30bhp so it was certainly appealing for costs vs gains (especially for an NA engine)

After reviewing friends e92's, this forum and the facebook group it appears Areeve performance is the man for the job and offers a drive in drive out package for £700.00 which includes the pipes, fitting & session on the rolling road, the problem is I don't want to drive 3 hours each way to be advised the cars under performing and the work would not be going ahead so I decided Surrey Rolling Road would be ideal for a base figure and to check all was in order.

The only modifications the car had were the K&N CAI (not to be confused with the drop in filter) and 2 pipe modification on the back box, the filter wasn't looking its best so I dedicated a morning to removing/ cleaning/oiling etc along with "upgrading" the heat shield as it seemed somewhat flawed in keeping engine temps away.

With my project Clio 172 Cup underway I had some left over heat foil so I used this to seal the cavity in the airbox for 2 reasons, firstly to keep the engine/exhaust heat away from the filter and secondly in an attempt to keep the area positively cold air fed like the original airbox design.

Your probably reading this thinking why go to the trouble when a stock airbox is tried and test, well the reason firstly is simply, I didn't have a stock airbox and the more I looked into it the standard airbox>plenum has been reported to be the main restriction.

Once dismantled it was clear it really was a nice piece of kit, the induction elbow was smooth internally, the air filter mount was shaped in the form of a trumpet to reduce turbulence and unlike the e46 it doesn't run MAF so no concerns over ruining the sensor with an oiled filter.

So I started trimming my spare heat foil to fill the area that was exposed, if the results were to come back positive on the rolling road I could then look to have a new shield built that would fit the area perfectly as this was to ghetto to be a permeant fix.

So judgement day had finally rolled round, some what nervous as I've had bad days at Surrey Rolling Road with disappointed figures with Clio's in the past and the e46 M3 with its carbon airbox didn't blow me away with the figures (for those that follow the e46 build it appears the filter + chances MAP sensor were causing the issues)

Any way, the car was strapped up and the pulls began, sadly it wasn't playing ball and the car was refusing to dyno (I had heard of this sadly on the forums) in the end Charlie advised to pull the ABS fuse.. 5 minutes later she pulls like a peach! (took 4 pulls for the figure to remain consistent at peak power 420, 423, 425, 425. torque was on point to! (We work in Flywheel horse power in the UK, we like bigger numbers )

Charlie at Surrey Rolling Road advised it was certainly delivering very well for the spec especially the torque figure! he had seen stock ones run 380-410 typically so unless some one has dropped a blue printed engine in it previously I would think the K&N kit has delivered, on K&N's web site they advise 13ftb + 13bhp increase over the standard set up which I would have been the first to have said not a chance but I can't see what else would be providing the gains, all catalysts are still in place still.

So yep pretty happy with the outcome, It would be nice to think with pre-cats & map this could be a 450+bhp car on Surrey Rolling road once complete.

The e92 M3 Comp has had a few little updates (nothing major) but I've really started to think about how I'm going to modify/ upgrade the car this summer, with the e46 M3 simply needing a service and 4.1 diff installed along with the Clio 172 Cup being 95% complete I've put together a plan for the car.

  • Comp wheels to be powder coated gloss black
  • Michelin 4S tyres all round (if they ever come back in stock for the rear)
  • BMW M F** series callipers with DS2500 pads (love the pagid RS29's on the e46 but they are mega dusty with the odd squeal which I don't want for a daily)

  • Black dash trims including the DCT stick (liked the carbon wrap at first but the finish around the edges is not amazing - OCD life)
  • BMW M4 seats front + back
  • Red Start + M-Button (seen a few places that sell these - any recommendations for the best?)
  • Royal steering wheels re-trim, same thickness just fresh leather with a white centre band and stiching

  • Pre-cat removal + ECU calibration + cold start delete + limiter removal (looking like Areeve for the package)
  • Upgraded actuators (precaution more than anything)

The previous owner had installed 10mm spacers all round, the rear looks perfect but can't help but feel the fronts could still do with coming out a few mm's so installed some 15mm so it now matches the width of the rear to the eye.

Even though its a genuine spec'd comp pack car from BMW it was nice to see it still has the genuine BMW Comp wheels fitted, never really know with used cars + the fact replica's can be purchased so easily what the previous owners had done

Interior Upgrade Time

As per a few post's previously, the interior was really not giving me the way factor when driving - The steering wheel was worn, the DCT stick was a flat silver and the carbon dash trims had started to pull back around the vents/edges so I knew I needed to do something, this was finalised after driving my good friends M2 with the alcantara wheel so the strip down began! I sourced a red M button that had the correct fit and section clear for the M-logo to light up like the rest of the steering wheel controls and ordered a set of much needed upgraded DCT paddles (again all details/ links will be in the video/blog if your looking to do the same)

The DCT stick cover was a little more complicated than first expected, guides for removal for the F8X series models are much simpler, the problem with the E9X is you will either need to cut the gaiter, the inside of the DCT stick or de-pin the plug to allow it to pass through, as with all my projects I do my best to avoid cutting things up if not needed so I began de-pinning the plug for removal

Looking an absolute state it was time to get to work on the painting whilst Royal Steering wheels re-trimmed the old/tired original, I normally have people I work with that will paint items for me but the team advised they were flat out and wouldn't have a chance for weeks/ months so as I had some rattle can left over and have painted small items in the past I gave it a go, happy with the outcome!

Finally the steering wheel returned and everything was put back into the car, chuffed to bits with the end result!!!

Completed a step by step guide for those who fancy having a go!

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Old Thu, Aug-15-2019, 07:02:08 PM   #3
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Default Re: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Seat Upgrade time (final part for the interior make over)

I sadly missed out on a set of M4 seats back in April.. but finally another set appeared on eBay for a decent price! a road trip to Birmingham occurred one evening in the week to pick them up

First impressions, the lower seating position improves the feel of the driving position massively even though it's only 15mm lower my eye line now on the top of the steering wheel (the stock seat height had bugged me since day one) and I'm pleased to confirm the seats power up as normal with memory function & even the heated seats work (my requirement for using the M4 seats over buckets or other makes as I have grown to love the heated seats over the winter)

Final touches on M4 seat instal including coding :

Since the previous M4 seat instal the M4 seats were working almost as factory, the problem was I had head restraints on the LCI e92 which the M4 seats did not and the passenger occupancy sensor was refusing to play ball with the e92 system so these would need to be coded out.

I contacted two different coders and after one not even bothering to reply and another say he hadn't carried out the coding required for fitting M4 seats and wasn't particular interested (turns out if you can code out bucket seat instal its pretty much identical to that but you leave the buckle & side air bags live)

Best £35.00 spent especially as I now have BMW fault code software and can code in things like the replacement battery etc, dug out the old Windows 10 lap top and let the games begin! (I will add full details in the video but essentially I made all my changes through the ABG module on NCS expert - Took me some time to understand it but doing it now its really not that bad but it had to be done as the constant airbag fault lights and warning messages were driving me crazy)

Finally it was onto the seat lighting, again I will cover this in more detail in the video guide but essentially I wired the purple cable from the M4 seats into my rear foot well lighting so when you lock/unlock the car etc they turn on & off with a dimmer effect, looks really trick

The how to guide on fitting M4 seats into an e92 M3 and having them working like OEM

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Old Thu, Aug-15-2019, 07:07:58 PM   #4
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Default Re: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Wheels powder coated gloss black & Michelin 4S tyres fitted :

Since owning the car I have always wanted the wheels in black, for me the contrast between the carbon roof, spoiler, splitters always works well together, originally I was looking to go satin black but after seeing various others and chatting to my good friend I changed to gloss, very happy with the outcome & even though I have covered next to no miles on them the difference between the Pilot Sports and the 4S is night and day difference especially in the wet/damp

So as I no longer had a "run around" the e46 would need to complete duties of wheel drop off/collection. I also ordered some new centre badges and the correct size M stickers as the previous ones were smidge small and didn't fill the cut out correctly, sadly black wheels don't picture great but I'm chuffed to bits with it!!

Comments welcome
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Old Thu, Aug-15-2019, 08:36:25 PM   #5
Paulo M
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Default Re: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Awesome color on this nicely spec’d E92. DCT fits perfectly with this car. Outside of the k&n intake, I love everything about the car
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Old Sat, Aug-17-2019, 08:10:49 AM   #6
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Default RRe: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Originally Posted by Paulo M View Post
Awesome color on this nicely specíd E92. DCT fits perfectly with this car. Outside of the k&n intake, I love everything about the car

The K&N intake was originally something I was looking to replace as it came with the car but as it made such strong numbers on the Dyno Dynamics Rolling Road where most other e9X M3ís were making 400-410bhp it seems to be delivering the power with that being the only performance upgrade to the engine
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Old Sat, Aug-17-2019, 01:32:14 PM   #7
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Default Re: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

it is probably the angle but the M4 seat looks a lot bigger.
nice upgrades
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Old Sun, Aug-18-2019, 04:11:53 PM   #8
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Default Re: Stone's 2011 e92 M3 Competition (M4 Hybrid content)

Great job on the retrofit of the M4 seats, looks great all together.
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