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Member Journals Do you have a long term project you would like to share with the community? Use this forum to create a single thread which you can update over time to document the progress.

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Old Tue, Oct-09-2018, 09:22:50 PM   #1
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Default ’05 CB ZCP Ramblings

You know what they say – third time’s a charm?

This seems to be the case with me and E46M, as this is my third coupe (well, technically 4th, but I only owned car #3 for 10 days before selling it, more on that later) – and this time it’s a ZCP.

It has some miles and some warts, bit is an ‘05 and my favorite Carbon Black over black, so it must be a keeper, right?

Those who know me from my previous “ramblings” – I’m a big time M-car guy, owned lots of BMWs and M-cars in particular. Few years ago, been bitten by a “restoration” bug (sparked in part by my son interest in working/wrenching on cars), so for a quite some time now I search for neglected, but fundamentally sound cars to buy on the cheap and bring them back to former glory. Couple of my previous journals if you care to take a look:

Initially, the thought was to buy a car in need of TLC, fix it up, enjoy for a bit, and sell to finance next project. In reality, this happened only with E46 #1, and then it became a labor of love and I couldn’t sell what I built, so I kept them all….Obviously this snowballed a bit out of control and I currently find myself with 5 M-cars in the garage and a wife that thinks I lost it… 😊

So this would be another one of these “bought neglected and brought back to former glory” type of threads. I’m not a mechanic, but I like to DIY here and there, and my son Michael (now 12) helps me out with these projects. Its more of a father and son type of activity, though he does peel off in the middle more times than I was hoping! But its all good.

Let’s talk a little bit about the subject of this thread – 2005 E46 M3 SMG Coupe with competition package in Carbon Black over black nappa with 112K miles (currently as of October 2018) and pretty much stock and will remain stock for the most part (I like stock cars). As already mentioned, this is my 3rd long term E46M and I previously had another CB SMG Coupe (’02) and Silbergrau 6MT Coupe (’04) in the past. Was looking for an SMG car specifically, as I absolutely love this gearbox and I have 3 other manual cars to drive when I want to row my own.

Anyway. Lets start with a bit of history – found the car on Craigslist (my second successful Craigslist purchase, my Dakar E36 was my first). Passed on it a few times, as the car looked clean, but seller was unresponsive, and I thought the car was sold and seller didn’t want to deal with inquires.

But one day when I almost made a deal on a car in Seattle, I got an email with Carfax on the car and a phone number, saying that it was still available. Called the guy, talked a bit about the car, the dude seemed straightforward and no nonsense, so I started looking more into it.

The car was for sale for quite some time, and even though it was priced a bit on a high side, it looked like it was in decent shape. No accidents, some service records, two keys, manuals. I tracked down previous owner, who provided some information, pulled service history at my dealer, and found a guy who attempted to buy a car just a couple of weeks ago before me and did a PPI on it – then backed out based on the results of PPI and seller not budging on the price citing that “his mechanic is looking for work”.

The list below is what was noted on the PPI (and my findings after in person inspection):

Lower radiator hose chafed (it was not)
Clutch fan low resistance and rusted (it definitely wasn’t bad)
Valve Cover leaking (seemed very residual, possibly left from valve gasket job, was not leaking)
Oil Pan gasket leaking (was CPV that was leaking)
Various spots of rust underneath car (some surface rust)
Transmission rear seal leaking (again, it was CPV not main seal)
Rear control arms rusted and squeaking (yup)
Motor mounts need to be replaced (were tired, along with bunch of other suspension bushings and rubber, as expected)

Here are the pictures of the car provided by the seller.

So, armed with all that, and the sensing that seller was tired of trying to sell the car, I made him a low-ball offer, he tried to negotiate a bit, met me half way, and I flew to New Orleans to pick up the car.

It was pouring when I landed in Nola. Seller met me at the airport, and we went to one of the parking garages so I could check it out.

The car mostly checked out. Most of the PPI issues were clearly overblown, and the car turned out to have reinforced subframe (seller didn’t even mention it) which was a major bonus! He did it shortly after he bought the car preventatively with Turner plates and foam, had all receipts for work done!

So, we exchanged dead presidents for a title, shook hands, and I was on my way to Texas.

Half the trip home it was raining. Good for a long way home.

Quick stop for lunch at MDs somewhere in the middle of nowhere at LA-Texas border:

Made it home in under 8 hours, which was good time, especially considering rained half the way. Car performed well overall, front wheel bearings were shot (noisy), but other than that, the car felt solid.

This is how the story of this ZCP begins.

As a side note – I have done quite a bit since I bought the car back in April. This thread would be more of a time-lapse journal rather than real-time updates, at least until the point where I’m now, will have a few updates in short succession. Stay tuned.
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Old Tue, Oct-16-2018, 02:58:26 AM   #2
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Default Re: ’05 CB ZCP Ramblings

That M6 is sweet
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Old Tue, Oct-16-2018, 05:56:22 PM   #3
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Default Re: ’05 CB ZCP Ramblings

Looking forward to another great build journal
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Old Wed, Oct-17-2018, 07:40:17 AM   #4
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Default Re: ’05 CB ZCP Ramblings

Beautiful car and a dream garage for sure!
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Old Fri, Nov-16-2018, 06:33:55 PM   #5
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Default Re: ’05 CB ZCP Ramblings

Thanks guys.
Apologies for not updating this sooner. Had some unexpected stuff happen (i.e. life) and was too busy figuring it out. I have compiled pictures for the next update and will post shortly!
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