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E36 M3 (1992-1999) {Euro - S50 B32 321hp @ 7400 rpm} {U.S. - S52 B32 240 hp @ 6000 rpm}
Total Produced: 71,212 - Years Produced: 1992 to 1999

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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 06:07:55 PM   #11
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1989, some rich foreign bastard in high school (boy am I dating myself) used to drive an alpine e30 M3. Then one day I though to myself "dam....that car is friggin' sweet.....I need to get an M3"
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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 08:03:03 PM   #12
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July 1997 - I was looking at the Dyno chart for my SHO and I asked about the dip I saw around 4KRPM, and the dyno guy said "not every car has that - check out an M3". My brother had already told me that was a car he could really picture me in. I leased a new one for $680 a month. I signed on Friday 9/7/97 and picked the car up 9/10/97. My brother was driving my silver 1992 SHO. Funny thing is, I cried at the time because I loved the SHO so much.
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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 08:28:07 PM   #13
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Mine desire was set in stone when i sat in a 97 M3/4 in 2000 during an autocross. The way the car felt and the acceleration, handling and the way it was effortlessly passing the prelude we were in on the way back did it for me. I had to wait for 6 years before I could find one and have the money to get a 2nd car.. Well worth the wait!!
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98 Maxima - sold and missed!
96 passat - reliable german engineering
94 altima - First car!
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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 08:28:59 PM   #14
How many licks..
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When I started to work at BMW and got to drive a few.
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97' M3. '10 R6.
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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 08:33:27 PM   #15
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Well i have owned 4 bimmers with my 95 M3 being the 4th bimmer and the 3rd E36 that i have owned( 1st car was a 85 325e).

I owned a 93 318is, 95 325is, and now the 95 cosmos M3.

When my 95 325is was sideswiped by a 19yr old guy doing over 105mph i figured that i would use it as an excuse to by a M3.

I was rather partial to the M3 because after doing some research it seemed that it was more beneficial to get the S50 manifold and i wanted the first year that the E36 M3 came out in the US. Well, I searched around for my M3 for about 2 months or soo and finally bought the one that I have now.

Since i bought that car i have swapped out differentials, changed the injectors, chip, and MAF. I also added eyelids and a different shift knob and will be putting my TMS swaybars on when i get the swaybar link bushings for them. By the end of the year I will have the UUC stage 2 setup for the clutch/flywheel setup.

I absolutely love this car and will never sell it unless it gets wrecked at which time i will buy another one just like it.

I have alot of respect for this car and all though i drive it like it is meant to be driven, i still take care of it and feed it all the right nutrients to keep it running strong. Hey if you treat your lady right then she will treat you right.

To answer the original question, ever since my brother passed away in his 93 325is that was a replica of an E36 M3 i have always wanted one. Now i have one soo above all it is very much a sentimental value to me. A picture of my beloved brother always rides with me in my car.

What the M Coupe will look like in a year.

Current mods: UUC Stainless Steel Clutchline, Cosmos Style intake.
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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 10:07:43 PM   #16
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when my baby was stolen a month ago (1994 turbo integra)
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Old Sat, Jul-22-2006, 10:11:36 PM   #17
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I knew it when I got to ride in my friends E30 325is, my first thought was, "I need a BMW", never thought Id own one so soon! Especially an M///
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Old Sun, Jul-23-2006, 12:56:19 AM   #18
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When I saw these in Germany 10 years ago and started to


Old Project

New Project

Greatest thread on M3F <---- Click
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Old Sun, Jul-23-2006, 01:18:37 AM   #19
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Default My first E36 M3 was an E46 M3 :-(

Cool story and very well written.

Give us a call if we can every help you with your baby.

BPS is closed, but I still own the name and the domain and may add a few items in the eBay store here. Thanks so much for the patronage while we were a sponsor. Who knows what the future may bring.
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Old Tue, Jul-25-2006, 10:50:36 PM   #20
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for me...i woke up to the sound of a S50 firing up everyday throughout high school. my next-door-neighbor owned an avus blue '95 m3, and was my alarm clock. every school day, at 7:00 or so, I'd heard him fire up...take off, and i got my own day started...taking a shower...taking ****...getting dressed..etc.

one day, he told me he'd take me for a ride, and like an idiot took the car to 100 mph on a local street. after that, I fell in love...even had dreams.

toward the end of college, i got a job as a valet parker, and drove many m3s, nsxs, p-cars, a lotus, an old school ferrari 328, etc. I decided at that point, that the M3 was the single most versatile and daily drivable car out there.

sideways, you're def. OG enthusiast. props to being an original owner. less and less of those around.
'99 Estoril/Black

directed at porschetech...
Originally Posted by porschefan1013 look absolutely amazing sitting in that chair right now.
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e36, wanted

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Total Produced: 71,212 - Years Produced: 1992 to 1999 at BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)