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Audio/In Car Entertainment (I.C.E.) Place to discuss sights and sounds.

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Old Sun, Oct-14-2018, 03:01:56 PM   #1
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Default Need help demistifying my e46

I've always found one of the weak points of my e46 to be the sound. While it is crystal clear, there has always been almost no bass or even mid-bass. I was always under the impression that this was the stock HK system. While replacing a window regulator, I was surprised to find some aftermarket speakers! I started to poke around and found that I have the following setup:
  • Front tweeter and woofer have been replaced with Rainbow speakers (midrange is gone)
  • Woofers in the rear deck have been replaced with Rainbow coaxial speakers
  • Rear tweeters are stock
  • Rear subs are stock, but have been wired in series to a single channel, instead of independently amplified (there goes my bass)
  • The head unit and amplifiers are all original, and I see no wiring modifications
I would like some feedback with the following assumptions I am making:
  1. I am missing midrange in the front because the speaker is missing
  2. I am missing bass, because the rear speaker are wired in series
I suppose now I should set out to find a cheap set of OEM speakers, since those will probably be more neutral than what I have now...
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Old Wed, Nov-14-2018, 12:07:24 AM   #2
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Default Re: Need help demistifying my e46

Strange rainbow speakers has specific speaker sets for the E46. I would ditch the set up and consider going BAV sound stage 1 and keep it simple then upgrade the head unit to a dynavin to improve the sound quality. Thats is my perosnal set up right now and impressed vs the lame stock HK sound quality.

Btw: If you need a set of HK speakers set I have a partial set with everything but the front tweeters.
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Old Thu, Jan-24-2019, 05:44:33 AM   #3
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Default Re: Need help demistifying my e46

Yes, in series increases impedance which means quieter.

But truth is that it's not adequate anyway (unless you literally don't care about bass).

My system is just 2 1.1" tweeters and 2 massive and stiff 6.75"s crossed at 4.5k because they play flat to 5k. Down to 70 all day It's ridiculous - you don't need more than even .75-1" and 6.25-6.5" so you should be good (fingers crossed it's the old rainbows) Though I have an amp (4ch ab 2ch for front, rear 2 ch bridged for svc 8" sub) and it sounds like you're on stock, which may be fine for you esp with those speakers since I assume their impedances are matched to that amp. It was smart to reduce # of speakers up front (I'm not gonna bother talking about 3 way here), but stupid to leave the rears, ditch them all.

Now back to the base. You need an amp and to ditch hk 6x9s though unless you don't like bass. You could fart around with mini 6.5" subs in the rear parcel, been there done that, not good enough to really call it bass. I like my 8" sub in IB via the skipass for weight and it's just enough to handle hip hop, for example, at pretty loud volume.

You'd need at least 10" in a sealed box or IB (rear parcel) to get a proper bump imo. The 8 in IB I have is just enough for my needs.

I just don't see a scenario where you'll get adequate bass on the stock amp. Keep the stock h/u by all means or not, but gotta get at least an amp for the sub(s) if you want any hope of bass.

Calling stock 6x9s bass is like calling McD's mcrib, "good bbq" lol
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