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Coding and Tuning Discuss all avenues of coding and tuning here!

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Old Fri, Jan-17-2020, 07:13:48 PM   #231
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Default Re: Mapping for Burble & Pops..

I have to revive this old thread. Hopefully people are alive and can help.
First off, I’d like to thank everyone’s suggestions and work on this thread.

So I have spent a total of about 7 hours trying to get these silly burbles as per my friends request. I am getting frustrated now.

Yes, of course I retard timing in low load (rf) area of the minimum injection, as it was the only ignition table I could find that would make sense and it was also the one you suggested. As for, K_DYN_SA_TSPERR I set it to both 0 and 255 with not much success but found Out that you guys suggested that 60 seconds was best, idk why. Either way, with this setup, 60 seconds, and whatever ignition retard I chose, the car barely pops and it does it whenever it wants or with slight throttle tap, but even then, it can be random. In this state, it seems to only to disable overrun fuel cut (injection fuel on throttle close) for a split second. So on off throttle, it'll hold ignition retard but there's no fuel. At first, I thought maybe it was too rich, so I leaned up the fuel table in low load "(rf), this didnt seem to work either.

Now, when increasing timers in KF_SA_TIME_TMOT_N40, the car will conitnuously have a silent "gurgle." but no ignition retard, even with the previous settings. So... with the increased timer, it is injecting fuel as it "should" but now no longer retards timing.
Setting this to stock, I evene change tables like KL_SA_N40_HYS_GANG, KL_DYN_SA_DPWG_SP, and KL_SA_N40_TMOT to 8000 rpm in all gears to try increase the hysteresis where overrun happens so we never exceed the threshold. Same thing occured, dumps fuel, get barely audible gurgles, but never ignition retard, even with the same settings as before.

So in conclusion, I'm finding only one of the two is happening at once, either ignition retard\no fuel, or no ignition retard\but injecting fuel. I cannot figure out what is not allowing the two to happen together.

Ive read, and also experienced, this motor is sensitive to EGTs, when getting ignition retard, coolant temp rises to 97 degrees fahrenheit, when at a stand still.
Never had this with any other motor. Im sure if it was injecting adequate fuel, it would supress this situation.

I am wondering if there a config switch somewhere or if possibly EGT monitoring is preventing from these two events happening simultaneously.
I know this possible, RKTunes is a great example that these motors can run this sort of stuff aggressively. I cannot find that tiny secret that "unlocks" it.
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