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E46 M3 (2001-2006) Engine: S54 - Max Hp: 333 hp at 7,900 rpm / 262 lb/ft at 4,900 rpm
Total Produced: 45,000+ - Years Produced: 2001 to 2006.

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Default Re: Just learned something new about our racks

Originally Posted by 911Fiddler View Post
Cheers for the reply. Ive been on the purple tag now for a few days with the toe set at zero -feels v nice, although part of the improvement is that the rack has less backlash so much reduced lost motion.

Re my new awareness on how racks work and that torsion bar, I thought it alarming that the torsion bar had such a thin diameter -its critical to safety, however after opening up an old 911 pinion I can see that they build in a failsafe, ie the torsion bar twists so far then a hard stop is reached to maintain steering 'connection'.

My purple tag rack has about 2.7 turns lock to lock. The old rack had about 3.2. What does your CSL original have?
My CSL rack was about 3 turns lock-to-lock if I remember correctly. I can double-check next time I'm in the car, but remember lock-to-lock can be completely pointless with regard to the car's actual steering.

Lock-to-lock dictates turning radius. I can put a steering rack stop kit and it will reduce my lock-to-lock, but have zero affect on my "steering." It will simply increase my car's turning radius. You'll notice a lot of race cars use rack stops to avoid rubbing the inner fender liner or brake cooling hoses when running extra wide front wheels.

If I remember correctly, lock-to-lock can come into play in the calculations for some cars' variable steering ratios, but that's not saying much. I don't know much about this though.

Regarding feel, my CSL rack feels incredible, but personal preference comes into play a bit. I also think the steering experience can change a bit with the addition of the CSL front kingpins, wider wheels/tires, and stiffer front control arm bushings.

So there's a number of factors that come into play on how you want the car to feel and respond. Also, a lot of people don't get to experience multiple racks, so they don't know any better and get used to what they have.

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Discussing Just learned something new about our racks in the E46 M3 (2001-2006) Forum - Engine: S54 - Max Hp: 333 hp at 7,900 rpm / 262 lb/ft at 4,900 rpm
Total Produced: 45,000+ - Years Produced: 2001 to 2006. at BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)