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Cars for Sale/Wanted Place to list your private cars for sale. ONLY BMW's.

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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 03:14:16 AM   #1
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Default 200mph - 10 second - 600whp - daily driven - 6 speed - immaculate estoril M3

No longer for sale. See post #26 for explanation.

Up for sale is my 1998.5 M3 2 door

- Estoril on rare Mulberry interior
- Staggared LTW wheels
- Factory trunk spoiler (no 3rd brake light on the rear shelf)
- Rare illuminated front driver and passenger foot wells
- Electric non-heated vaders
- HK sound system
- Factory BMW alarm
- Full OBC
- VIN: WBSBG9336WEY79653
- 91,XXX miles on chassis

Here is a teaser video of the car. Iím waiting for the final video to be finished and as soon as it is I will post it up!

I bought this car stock from the second owner back in 2005. The car was prestine and maintained at the same dealer by both the 1st and 2nd owners with a extended warranty. I have all original service records from day one as well as all the spare original keys and the original window sticker. I put 6k miles on it, did some mods and sold the car to a guy in Phoenix. I ended up buying it back in late 2007 and it has since then undergone a transformation.

Ever since JT (got psi) let me drive his turbo E36 I was hooked and had to have it. SoÖ.

Everything below was done about 10k miles ago unless noted otherwise.

Engine Ė Assembled by JT (got psi).

- M50 block bored to 84.5mm
- Block grooved for copper o-rings
- CP 8.5:1 forged pistons
- Eagle forged connecting rods
- S50 crankshaft
- ARP main studs
- Everything replaced (oil pump, main/rod bearings/all tensioners/guides/chains etc)

- Ferrea competition 1mm+ intake/exhaust valves
- Ferrea springs/shims/retainers
- Mild porting of intake/exhaust ports done by my head guy
- Custom reground camshafts by Elgin Cams
- New OEM lifters installed during engine build
- ARP 2000 head studs
- Vanos seals/anti rattle done less than 1000 miles ago

The engine has solid compression/leakdown numbers and does not burn/consume any oil. The o-ringing of the block and installation of the stock HG was done less than 1,000 miles ago because the MLS let go. Coolant temps have been rock solid and no pressurization what so ever. The seal is perfect and car is dead reliable again. During the engine build it also got all new sensors (cam/crank/knock), new ignition coils, a new idle control valve and all new hoses etc.

Fuel System:
- 60lb/hr fuel injectors
- In-tank Bosch 040 pump with AN bulkhead fitting (no rubber hose)
- In-line Bosch 044 pump
- Custom -8 fuel rail that has a -6 feed on each side and a -6 return in the middle
- BMP adjustable fuel pressure regulator
- All stainless braided hose used with AN fittings for entire fuel system
- Both pumps independently wired directly to the battery with inline fuses and independent relays
- Billet in-line fuel filter with replaceable screen

- PWR 57mm radiator
- Stewart water pump
- Euro expansion tank with factory lines/hoses
- 16Ē Spal electric fan triggered by radiator temp sensor
- Custom aluminum fan shroud
- Ireland engineering oil filter cap
- BMP oil cooler
- Mocal oil cooler thermostat
- AN -10 stainless braided lines/fittings for oil cooler

- Amsoil 15w50 racing oil changed every 2000-3000 miles with OEM filter
- AN -4 turbo oil feed line
- AN -10 turbo oil drain line to welded bung on the oil pan
- BMP oil distribution block for oil temp and pressure gauges

- Custom schedule 10 stainless 6-1 tubular exhaust manifold. Manifold is designed so draw through can be run, down pipe tucks down and does not go over the valve cover, and so it can be removed and reinstalled in about 2 hours with engine in the car.
- 3Ē turbo back exhaust with Vibrant resonator and muffler
- Turbine housing, manifold, wastegate pipe and downpipe all ceramic coated
- Three v-band connections with Vibrant easy release v-band clamps
- Recirculated wastegate dump
- Welded fitting with check valve for crank case evacuation
- Extra o2 bung for dyno a/f hook up

Turbo system:
- Turbonetics T66 ball bearing/oil cooled turbo (CHRA just replaced)
- Tial 44mm wastegate
- Synapse blow off valve recirculated
- 31x12x3 intercooler with 3Ē inlet/outlet
- Silicone couplers and t-bolt clamps

- Converted to OBDI
- TRM in-house tune using draw through 803 MAF and 93 octane fuel 604whp/510wtq. I belive itís still the highest whp car that TRM has tuned.
- Blitz SBC ID III electronic boost controller
- Stri racing boost/vacuum, oil temp, oil pressure and water temp gauges
- PLX wideband air/fuel ratio system
- Gauges and boost controlled mounted in custom molded sun glass holder angled up towards driver. Boost/vacuum and air/fuel gauges mounted on top of the steering column using the ATI gauge pod holder.

- Ground control coilovers with dual-adjustable front shocks, rear top adjustable shocks
- Ground control front camber plates, and rear shock mounts
- UUC front/rear sway bars with spherical links
- UUC motor and transmission mounts
- UUC braided stainless brake and clutch lines
- Racing dynamics rear strut bar
- BMW x-brace
- Euro floating front rotors, brembo blank rears
- New OEM front control arms installed
- 225/45/17 Toyo T1r front tires, about 70% tread left. I have 2 extra new ones that come with the car.
- 15 mm spacers in the front
- 245/40/17 Toyo T1r rear tires, about 80% tread left.

Within the last 1500 miles the following was done/installed:
- E32 750 3.15 limited slip differential conversion with CES bracket
- E46 S54 6-speed transmission
- Shortened/rebuilt driveshaft by powertrain industries
- UUC evo3 Short shift kit with all shifter bushings replaced
- Rebuilt clutchnet LTW flywheel, pressure plate and 6-puck clutch
- New Z3 quick ratio steering rack with new OEM tie-rod assemblies/boots
- Front and rear calipers rebuilt and Porterfield R4S pads installed
- New front *** hubs repacked with redline CV2 grease with new dust shields, dust caps and nuts.
- New rear *** wheel bearings repacked with CV2 grease with new dust shields, dust
caps, snap rings and nuts.
- Rebuilt halfshafts repacked with CV2 grease and new inner/outer boots/clamps
- New bimmerworld HD upper/lower trailing arm ball joints
- New e-brake shoes, springs and hardware
- AKG aluminum subframe mounts
- AKG aluminum differential mounts
- AKG spherical trailing arm mounts
- Bimmerworld spherical inner/upper control arm mounts
- AKG spherical ajusteable rear camber arms
- AKG spherical front control arm mounts
- All suspension/steering bolts/hardware replaced with new
- Custom completely reinforced differential carrier (subframe, see pics)
- AKG swaybar tab reinforcements
- Bimmer world trailing arm pocket reinforcements
- AKG front subframe motor mount tab reinforcements
- Entire suspension/calipers/brackets and misc items powdercoated (35 pieces total)
- Completed 4 wheel alignment on a hunter rack at work.

Items done very recently:
- All fluids in the car were replaced about 1,000 miles ago. Amsoil racking brake fluid, amsoil syncromesh trans fluid, amsoil 75w110 diff fluid, bmw coolant, ATF power steering fluid.
- Cabin micro filter replaced
- Hood and trunk shocks replaced
- Windshield replaced
- Windshield cowl piece replaced
- Drivers window motor and regulator replaced (door panel got all new clips as well)
- BMW business CD43 head unit installed
- Battery is BRAND NEW (oem BMW)
- Bosch reman alternator just installed
- Fresh 30% tints just installed
- Front grilles, front bumper lip, bumper mouldings, and body side mouldings just got painted a satin black finish (tired of the faded grayish look you get after waxing). All installed with new clips.
- Front fog light covers painted estoril
- ZHP 6-speed shift knob installed
- Recovered Euro M-tech steering wheel installed (love this thing)

See the fully documented build thread with many pictures to see this car come to life from scratch - Mad Bimmer's build thread - Bimmerforums - The Ultimate BMW Forum

The exterior of the car is in near perfect condition. All original paint that has never seen a winter and just has the expected rock chips here and there. Interior is very clean as well. Iíve taken the seats out a few times to do theral cleaning of the carpet and seats.

There are only 3 issues with the car. The headliner is sagging a tad to the left of the sunroof panel. Sunroof could use some attention; the interior panel is loose and the sunroof binds when opening (tilt works fine.) I rarely use the sunroof so it has never bothered me much. The front speakers are crackling. THATíS IT.

I have about 35k worth of PARTS receipts for this car (I have stacks of them in a folder.) Plus about 500-700 hours of my labor to get it to where its at. I simply put 93 octane in the car, lay down 600+whp, daily drive it to work, take it to the strip, and take it on long trips without hesitation. Itís really a joy to drive.

Best Iíve done at the drag strip was 11.8 at 135mph on bald street tires. Car should be good for mid 10sec with proper tires/driver. Trap speed is right where hpf stage 2.5 cars on race gas/meth are at! There was a 9 second hyabusa at the strip that was trapping the same speed as me.

Itís geared to 203.xx mph which Iíve never attempted but Iím sure the car would have no problem getting up there. Iíve hit around 180ish 1 time (for the video) and the car was still pulling HARD. Car felt stable and I had pure confidence in it. Wind noise was getting a bit loud though!

This car with the power it makes has been plenty fo fun to drive and I feel is at the Ďjust rightí level. With the built/reinforced/solid suspension/drivertrain it has perfect traction in 3rd gear and 1st/2nd are suprisingly decent as well as the car does not build as much boost as quickly. If more power is what you desire the engine, fuel system, turbo, suspension/drivetrain can support quite a bit more. Would just need bigger injectors, and tuning.

This car has been a pure pleasure to build. It will be missed and I will not sell it to anyone I feel wonít appreciate it or take care of it properly. By no means am I desperate to sell, so if it stays in my garage, I wonít be bummed.

Asking price is $33,400

I have access to a tow vehicle and a trailer. Iím willing to deliver it to your door.

2003 ZHP

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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 03:14:40 AM   #2
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Join Date: Oct 2003
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2003 ZHP
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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 03:45:32 AM   #3
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This car is amazing.


Hope it finds a good home!

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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 04:00:19 AM   #4
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if i win the lotto you will one of the first people i will contact....damn this cars nice holy hell i want it so bad hahahaha too bad i dont have 33k laying around.....
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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 04:08:19 AM   #5
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A truly amazing car... I wish you the best in luck with selling it.

Hope it finds a good home...
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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 07:58:54 AM   #6
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Holy hell! Awesome. GLWS.

'05 SG/IR
Originally Posted by M3Dom View Post
I hear if you get bit by a squirrel you get the raves, This is when you say you're going to post pics and never ever do.
Originally Posted by P4lm3r View Post
Sweet e39! Manual trans, too. Good joob!
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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 01:03:57 PM   #7
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beautiful car, most work ive ever seen to keep things fresh FI or not, going to be doing the subframe this winter myself so cant wait, good luck with sale, its worth every penny of the 33K your asking, and if i win the lotto, like the guy above me said, youll be hearing from me
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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 01:23:54 PM   #8
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Just "wow"
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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 01:56:28 PM   #9
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Holy ****. Wicked car, hope it finds a good new owner.

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Old Fri, Dec-10-2010, 02:20:58 PM   #10
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Seriously awesome. Way to keep it stock looking. I was expecting it to be all r!ced out. Looks great!
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200mph, 600whp, daily, driven, estoril, FS:, immaculate, speed

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