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E36 M3 (1992-1999) {Euro - S50 B32 321hp @ 7400 rpm} {U.S. - S52 B32 240 hp @ 6000 rpm}
Total Produced: 71,212 - Years Produced: 1992 to 1999

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Old Wed, Sep-08-2010, 03:54:10 AM   #61
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Posting additional info for those that are replacing their Input Shaft Seal.

See page 4, rustysrustyduc's post. VERY useful info if your doing this, I can imagine it would be very easy screw this up w/o realizing.

Bentley manual say's nothing about this.

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Old Wed, Dec-29-2010, 02:56:12 AM   #62
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Default Re: Transmission removal

I am removing the trans for the first time to replace the clutch. I have the brace but do not understand how to use it. In the Bentley manual it shows it attached to the back of the motor and on this thread it show attached to the front of the motor. The back makes sense to me as this prevents the motor from tipping down. But the motor does not have a place to attach in the back as it does in the front. What one if correct. if the front, what is the brace doing? If the back, what should I attach to?
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Old Wed, Dec-29-2010, 01:28:19 PM   #63
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Default Re: Transmission removal

The reality is that the motor won't go anywhere and that no brace is necessary. Unless your motor mounts are really worn out, it won't even tilt backwards far enough for the head to hit the firewall. In any case, the firewall provides a limiter on movement.

I like to have the motor tilting down at the transmission end. I use the fender brace to lift the front of the motor so the rear tilts down further, but this is not required. Obviously, make sure your motor mounts are loose if you are lifting the engine or you may damage the mounts by pulling against them.

I have also used a jack with a section of 2 x 4 to push the front of the motor up (choose your pushing point carefully since the oil pan is aluminum) and I have used a ratcheting cable puller from a rafter or beam above the engine to lift the engine up a little (make sure your garage rafter is secure).

Again, don't jack against the oil pan (if you feel you must provide support in that area, at least distribute it as widely was possible with a larger piece of wood rather than directly by the disk of the jack.

The tilting primarily helps access the upper most bolts. If you can find a better way to access them, go for it. Some people with small hands may be able to get in there to guide a socket onto the bolts, but this is definitely easier with the intake manifold out of the way.
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removal, transmission

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Discussing Transmission removal in the E36 M3 (1992-1999) Forum - {Euro - S50 B32 321hp @ 7400 rpm} {U.S. - S52 B32 240 hp @ 6000 rpm}
Total Produced: 71,212 - Years Produced: 1992 to 1999 at BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)