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E36 M3 (1992-1999) {Euro - S50 B32 321hp @ 7400 rpm} {U.S. - S52 B32 240 hp @ 6000 rpm}
Total Produced: 71,212 - Years Produced: 1992 to 1999

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Old Thu, Apr-06-2017, 06:06:22 PM   #91
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Default Re: E36 M3 Track Toy

Back in action with the build and coming back to it strong. The car has had an intermittent no start as well as failing idle, particularly on rainy days, for 5-7 months now. I finally got the motivation to get it fixed. Poking around a bit with my new power probe I found the ignition was sending signal and the starter would manually start with 12v but the power wasn't getting to it. Tracing the wire found it went to a box and didn't come back out so I pulled the box out and unsurprisingly found it labeled "EWS". I had already bought a EWS defeated DME thinking that was the problem a while ago so it was a matter of jumping the starter ignition wire, plugging in the DME and it started right up. Idle and stall was fixed too, probably the EWS trying to kill the ignition. I'll be removing any wire that no longer serves a purpose to clean this rats nest up.

Over the winter I got beyond tired of the powersteering leaks and removed the entire system and got a serpentine belt to fit the new routing. 55.0 inches I believe for those wondering. Coupled that with the Condor PS rack loop adaptor.

It has a lifter tap as it always has but now its horrendously loud, got VAC OEM style springs rated 10+lbs over stock M50 springs and full set of new lifters.

The 2 year old plastidip job has not held up to the elements that well and my sunroof has started leaking. It's time to actually paint this thing with a proper paint job. I'm going with a color that's always looked good to me, Mustang Grabber Blue. Will be my first time using a HVLP spray gun.

The water getting in the car was made my Vaders less than mint and its time they went and I got proper racing seats. Going with the moderately priced and FIA approved OMP (HA/741E/N) TRS-E with RaceQuip 5-Point harness..

I will also be fininshing the roll cage with the A pillar knee bar through the dash and a low down second door pipe forming an X making entry and exit as easy as I can.

All mentioned parts and some I'm forgetting are either in my possession already or en route so stay tuned!

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Old Thu, Apr-06-2017, 07:07:17 PM   #92
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Default Re: E36 M3 Track Toy

Thumbs up!
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Old Tue, Apr-11-2017, 09:20:21 PM   #93
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Default Re: E36 M3 Track Toy

Seats and harnesses came in last week and got knocked out over the weekend. Could've bought sliders and brackets but wanted to see if I could make my own. Googled "E36 Racing Seat Brackets" and copied a pic I liked. Made the base out of 1" square steel tubing forming a 17.5 x 14" box the brackets would rest on.

The seat brackets were made out of 1/8" steel and 6" tall, in the future I may cut them off and add 2-3" of height, I'd like my current setting just a hair higher but its not so bad that I notice all the time. Started with 16x6 stock cuts and marked what I thought was a neutral position sitting in the car mocking the position with wood blocks. I then measured 2" lines above and below the original marks which would become slider holes to give adjustablity.

Then came the date with the drill press drilling 12 holes total at the ends of the 2" lines

Then used a cutoff wheel to cut the space between the holes resulting in a slider.

Test fit the slider then copied measurements and made the other 3 plates.

Next was installing the seat bracket I welded in, it winds up laying flat against 3 posts and a 1" gap on the rear outer factory mounting point. I added a brace to connect this gap and a small helper piece to give the small contact surface on the front outer edge, my little weld probably would've done just fine but better safe than sorry on the sole piece of safety equipment keeping me alive.

High tech seat bracket leveler, fiddled until it didn't roll either way

The seat was installed with the sliders on and welded to the bracket, then removed so I could weld the insides and harness mounts.

End of Saturday night

Up early for a Sunday getting to work of the harness mounting points. Ones for the lap belts I cut at an angle to match the pull of the belt

Welded up to base plates which then get welded to the floor, I'm aware I'm well past the point of "returning to stock for sale". These 2 are for the outer belt floor mount, the inners are at a 45 degree angle as they sit on the transmission tunnel.

Wound up placing at an offset from the bracket justified as far as I could go in so the seat was at the right spot, if I went higher and over on the bracket I wouldn't have been able to weld the majority of it directly to the frame of the car.

Crotch tether mount on the back of the rail.

And both are now in. Yes, I could've bought aftermarket sliders and had this done in an hour or so but at this point I'm seeing how much I can possibly make myself. It's the joy of the DIY that's why I got this car, I'll try anything and this build has been worth it in how much I've learned how to do and the in and outs of virtually any project you could do on a car. It's a source of pride at a meet talking about the car when I can say not a single person besides me has touched a single bolt to make the car the way it sits now.

Coming up this week is replacing the valve springs and lifters

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Old Tue, Apr-18-2017, 12:26:21 AM   #94
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Default Re: E36 M3 Track Toy

The car sounds like a typewriter and I and others have diagnosed it to be a stuck lifter so new springs and lifters are getting put in. Went with the budget friendly VAC High Pressure OE Style Valve Spring for $320 with 10lbs increased seat pressure over stock S52/M52 springs. Still looking nice and clean under the cover.

$1 DIY double valve spring compressor back in action.

There was about a 1-2mm difference in height between the new and old springs, and the difference in pressure could be felt by hand.

Went with AJUSA lifters at $10 a pop, noticable difference in size of the button and the thickness of the internals but the button depth and outer dimensions are identical so I'm just rolling with it.

Finishing up tomorrow and continuing to strip the paint for the upcoming respray.
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Old Sun, Apr-30-2017, 01:13:10 AM   #95
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Default Re: E36 M3 Track Toy

I read through the entire build, and I love it. You should be proud of what you have done man!
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Discussing E36 M3 Track Toy in the E36 M3 (1992-1999) Forum - {Euro - S50 B32 321hp @ 7400 rpm} {U.S. - S52 B32 240 hp @ 6000 rpm}
Total Produced: 71,212 - Years Produced: 1992 to 1999 at BMW M3 (E30 M3 | E36 M3 | E46 M3 | E92 M3 | F80/X)