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E90 M3 (Sedan) | E92 M3 (Coupe) | E93 M3 (Convertible) (2008-2013) {Engine: S65 - Max Hp: 414 hp (420 hp Euro) at 8,300 rpm / 295 lb/ft at 3,900 rpm}

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Old Tue, Dec-23-2008, 10:35:29 PM   #121
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couldn't get my e92 started. when i could get it started, it would shut off within a few seconds. towed it to the dealer and found out that it was due to a faulty idle speed control motor. first time i ever heard of such a motor.

now i'm waiting to hear back to see if they have a loaner available b/c they had to order the part.
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Old Wed, Dec-24-2008, 12:40:32 AM   #122
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Welcome to what I call the 10-day train. Just about anything ordered from Germany takes 10 days and that is if it is available. Almost everything in the M3 engine bay has to be shipped in.
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Old Wed, Dec-24-2008, 06:13:32 AM   #123
Where to now ???
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Originally Posted by abbood View Post
This is the problem,,, I can't replicate it,, as I wrote it goes back to normal when re-starting the car,, it always happens when the dealer is closed,, when the dealer is open most of the time I'm @work.

Thanks for answering
Most welcome for the answer,
Just try and note down as much as you can regarding the issue, time, temp, road condition, speed etc etc. The more you can give them, hopefully it will be easier for them to sort the issue.

Hope all goes well but just keep us in the loop here.
Teh STi can nevar lose!
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Old Sun, Jan-11-2009, 02:17:29 AM   #124
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I had all kinds of issues with my 2002 M3 Cab, it was in the shop at least 5-6 times a year and I didn't even drive it in the winters. Some of the issues that come to mind are:

- Injector(s) failed causing engine to run very rough.. car had to be towed to dealer. All six injectors were replaced costing me close to $1500.
- Interior door panels around the handles started to peel after a few years.. had both replaced under warranty.
- Tons of rattles and squeaks with the convertible top. Dealer replaced seals and made tons of adjustments but never got the thing quiet.
- Front windows would pierce the rear window rubber seals.. there is actually a sharp point on the front windows on the rear upper edge.. this eventually rubs a hole in the rear window seals. Dealer ended up replacing one of the rear windows because the seal is part of the window.. this then cause a slew of other issues eventually requiring a whole new motor and mount for that windows.

Basically my impressions on the 2002 M3 were that mechanically it is a pretty bullet-proof car, but the interior plastics are of poor quality, and the convertible top is a pain.

Traded the 2002 in for a 2008 M3 Coupe and so far very happy. Much more "mature" car I think.. better ride quality for sure, especially in the city. Haven't really had the 2008 out yet for spirited driving as the car only has 2400km on it and I've been babying it.. just had the first 2000km service done yesterday.

So far not a single issue with the new 2008.. mind you the dealer had done the DCT upgrade before I even got the car so I can't comment on that issue since I never saw it myself. I hope I don't see any of the issues discussed here.. my car is a 03/08 production so I'm not sure if that is very early in the run or what? Probably one of the early ones with DCT produced I would think but someone can probably enlighten me further on this?
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Old Sun, Jan-18-2009, 04:40:13 PM   #125
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Default I'm in love with my E93

I've got 4,000 km on my E93 in Sept and Oct 2008, now under a blanket till April. I sure miss driving it. Winter beater is an Acura TL, nice car but no comparison to the M3 rocket. I've had zero issues, it's just an amazing machine. I can hardle wait for April.
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Old Sun, Feb-01-2009, 09:20:42 PM   #126
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Default I drive broken knob

Today I was adjusting the M drive settings and the I drive silver knob popped off. I looked underneath the knob and and wtf it is held on by a few drops of glue. Not impressed, my old 911 cab was very rudimentary but never fell apart. car has 2k miles!!!
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Old Mon, Feb-02-2009, 07:06:07 PM   #127
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e46 had loads of issues - engines blowing up etc...
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Old Sat, Feb-07-2009, 01:41:17 PM   #128
Drei Bimmers
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Default No Issues with my 08 M3

So Far So GREAT, on my 08 Coupe. I have enjoyed every minute of it. The only issue I had was me, getting used to driving a perfomance vehicle with a clutch. It is alot different from my 2008 Jeep Wrangler

Great Job, BMW!!!
2006 550i, Sapphire Black Metallic (Hers)
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Old Thu, Feb-12-2009, 07:09:03 PM   #129
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Exclamation 1st Major Issue....

Brought my car to the dealer this AM for a bad exhaust...yes a bad exhaust.
Let me explain...I was hearing a clanking noise from the first I thought loose or broken bushing??....put the car on my lift and saw that at the rear of the can there is a bracket which is secured in three spots...the two on either side look to be TIG welded and the center section looks to be an actual part of the lip of the can....this bracket broke off at the welds on either side...AND then snapped in the middle taking a piece of the lip off as well...wish I took pictures...anyway I get a call from the SA just now to say that the exhaust is on backorder from Germany!...he claims that apparently my case is not the first and a service bulliten is going out.
Will keep you posted.
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Old Wed, Mar-04-2009, 02:35:37 AM   #130
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Default Brass air fittig

Now that is a lot of brass air fittings there is just about every type
of air fitting that you could want. Wholesale prices too. I guess these could be used as small water pipe fitting also. I
used some of the parts to make my babington wvo bu
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e92, issues, mechanical

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