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Faults, Fixes and DIY Please share your experience and knowledge with other members by contributing your own DIY, or by helping another member find the elusive fix!

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Old Fri, Jul-29-2005, 06:33:30 PM   #1
1999 Dinan M3
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Default Interiors, everything that you never thought could be done but someone is crazy enoug

Interiors, everything that you never thought could be done but someone is crazy enough to try - a companion to the Ultimate Poor Man's Car Wash

Since the question has been raised, I will make the statement.. THIS IS A PARODY..

Since my first DIY went over SOOO well, I am following up with the maintenance procedures for the INTERIOR of your car. No matter what the material it really is the same all around. As was the case with the exterior, you want to be sure to use only the finest products. Some will recommend Armorall others will say Meguiars, I think that the best is MINK oil.. it brings out a beautiful shine on all plastic parts. I save the armorall for the shift knob, the steering wheel, and the pedals. The gloss it provides is great looking from outside the car. For cleaning we can stick with the same cleaners we used on the exterior. I would be sure to vacuum the entire interior with a shop vac prior to doing any of the following.

First, you will want to remove the annoying soil stains on your expensive mats. To do this remove the mats from the car and set them in a nice sunny spot. Let them warm up for about 20 minutes prior to attempting to remove the soiled spots. Some would tend to use a carpet cleaner and the cap with brush, I prefer to grab a jar of Mayo and a plastic baggie. Liberally apply the Mayo to the stain using a spoon. Place the baggie over your hand and work the Mayo into the stain. Once you have penetrated into the stained spot, let the mats sit in the sun for at least 30 minutes. While this is doing its' things we can proceed to cleaning the seats.

For the seats I like to take my laundry detergent and make a 4 part detergent to 1 part lemon juice paste. I apply the paste directly to the seams of my leather seats, and massage it in as well as use a toothbrush to spread it around on the surface of the rest of the seats. Typically I will start with the rear seats and then hit the front seats. While talking about the seats, we can not neglect the belts. Belts are not only an important safety feature, but they also catch your eyes as soon as you enter the cabin. Therefore, I use a brass wire brush and clean them the best that I can.

Now that we have cleaned the seats, we need to hit the glass and door jambs. I don't like glass cleaner as it tends to cloud up after a short period of time. Instead I will take some old newspaper and straight ammonia and use that on my tinted windows as well as on anything polished.

Grab your garden hose!!! Time to rinse off the detergent on the seats and the Mayo on the mats!. I think the easiest way to do this is to open the windows and the sunroof and keep the doors closed. Using your thumb, or a sprayer attachment get a good strong stream of water going and make sure to rinse off all the residue. Periodically open the doors to let the water and suds out. Once you have no more suds and no residue left, grab an electric heater, and turn it on medium heat. Leave the windows slightly open to allow the steam that forms to escape and let the car sit to dry out. For seat protectant, I use Fomula 409 mixed with some liquid wax.

Lastly,once dry, let's hit the dash with that mink oil, and beautify the pedals and shifter. Now, minks are very expensive, so there are two ways you can go about procuring the mink oil. I prefer to breed my own, and tame them the best I can that way when you squeeze them, they are less likely to bite you. Once you have coated your microfiber with the mink oil, rub it in real well to all the dash and console. Let it sit a little bit and then buff with another microfiber. Grab an armorall quick wipe and spiffy up the shift knob and the pedals and you are all set to go!

Keep you eyes peeled for my next DIY, Faux Carbon Fibering you whole car, it may not weigh less, but it looks just as cool!
redline? what is a redline?
please just Can I be in the boobies club?

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Old Tue, Aug-02-2005, 11:42:27 PM   #2
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Good tips man!

But quite frankly, there is nothing you used that could not be substitued with a bar of Crisco.

Butter flavored of course.

Miracle worker.

Last edited by Doc_SoCal; Wed, Aug-03-2005 at 02:08:54 AM.
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Old Wed, Aug-03-2005, 04:55:49 AM   #3
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uhhh, u put water inside the car, id cry lol
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Old Wed, Aug-10-2005, 04:25:31 PM   #4
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I followed you every step until you decided to hose down the entire car interior with a garden hose.

WTF!!! Is this DIY for real (see his silly comment on raising minxes), or is for jokes to make poor noobs after actually doing all this?
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