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Default Re: F10 M5 knob & boot install in e46 M3

Originally Posted by BearDeXPS View Post
What are people using to secure the shift knob on the shifter stock (I've got the RE OCTANE ssk)? When shifting this weekend I pulled the knob came right off. I pressed it on firm and it happened again a few hours later. Got home and pressed it on firmly again and hammer the top with my open hand... ended up busted the rear bushing of the shifter linkage loose from it's body clip. Spent the next morning jacking the car up on stands, loosened the heat shield, and was able to get the bushing pressed in using a breaker bar as my length and jack as my muscle to get the bushing locked back in. I then added a small bit of silicone to the top of the shifter stock and pressed the knob on there once again and let it sit for 14hrs. This morning driving into work it felt like the knob was still some what loose. Neither the shift knob or shifter stock is messed up in anyway.

Has anyone else had this issue or do I need to stop eating my Wheaties for breakfast?
Your ZHP knob is broken. Mine sits tight and is a PITA to get off.
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