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Default Re: Shock dynos, Fat Cat Motorsports and custom valved Bilstiens

Originally Posted by ShaikhA View Post
While we can have different tastes in how we want our car to *feel*, what makes a car *work* in terms of maximum grip and sharp response has a pretty narrow window. Outside that window you get a rougher ride and lower grip.
Very eloquently stated, Shaikh.

This is something that I've known, instinctively, for years. Many people here have heard me preach that "softer is better, more travel is better" (to a point) in almost all driving situations. Sure, the car may not corner table-top-flat or be razor sharp to driver inputs and so it doesn't "feel" as sporty, but, it's ultimately the better "handling" car.

I've also MUCH preferred a larger front/rear spring rate split as opposed to a smaller split. The latter results in a very awkward feeling car as the front and rear ends of the chassis are never in phase like they are with a larger split. This is not felt on smooth surfaces but once you encounter medium/large amplitude bumps it becomes very obvious.

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