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Default Re: Vapor Trails: code FD, evap valve stuck closed

I believe I have found a lead in regards to solving this problem.

I've been DDing the 36m again, and of course the FD code is popping up regularly as I described. This is accompanied by a very intermittent (2-3 months) "e6" from the same table 11 of the peake code -- the "e6" being a "slow response time" code for the precat sensor on the cylinder 4-6 exhaust manifold. The regular FD code is getting annoying, so I am now determined to solve it. The o2 sensor issue is on my maintenance radar and I plan to address that fairly soon as well.

Anyway, I searched more and thought to look at the fuel evaporative valve in the actual engine bay. On my car (11/98 build) it is located on a bracket off of the intake manifold (as opposed to other OBD2 owners who report it being attached to the driver-side strut tower):

The access is ridiculously easy. There is a hose from the trunk area that clips into the side. The hose on the bottom runs to the intake manifold. Pressing the horseshow clip easilly allows the hose to pop loose -- the hose itself simply clips onto the valve and doesn't come off unless one presses in on the horseshow clip:

The next day I head for my garage, I plan to do the following:

1. Test this engine-bay valve for functioning using the 12v test.
2. Test for airflow through this valve in conjunction with the 12v test.
3. Test for blockages in the blue supply hose between the trunk area and the engine bay.

It looks like this valve is P/N 13901744150 and is around $80 new, so if mine fails tests, I will try my luck with one from another OBD2 e36, or e39 at the scrap yard.

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