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Default Re: GROUP BUY: CMP AE Subframe Kit

Morning Guys,

Sale ends midnight tonight! (21st)

Has anyone on the east coast of the U.S. installed one yet?
2 in Florida if that counts? Other than that I think it's 2 in California, 1 in Texas and a few to Canada for international sales.

Still fairly new so I'm afraid I likely cannot recommend and experienced installer in your area.

10% off! Add me to the list!
Thanks to Silencer 10% has been achieved. Sale price is currently $481.5 AUD ($364 USD) + shipping.

I'll update the list now.

Just want to say thanks for getting involved guys. I hugely appreciate the support you all gave.

Just in case some of the maybe's don't come through on their purchase, thus technically reducing the quantity below 10, I will still honour the 10% off for all kits sold.
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