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Default Re: M3 S50B30 in Japan

Originally Posted by M_Parallel View Post
It's a bit like US : "should I get a 1995 or 96+".

Same difference in displacement, but like with the ROW 3.0/3.2, it's also about what you want options wise.

The 3.2 is the newer car and will/can have options not available on the 3.0.

Although the OBDI vs II does not apply.
Well, in Europe the S50B32 is offering a significant 35hp and 30nm of torque more than the 3.0L, so it is a no brainer if you have the choice... Compared to the 240hp of the US model this is a totally different car...
Also the 3.2L has alu doors, stiffer chassis, better brakes, stiffer suspensions, a more direct steering and a 6 speed transmission...

As you mentioned 3.2L also have usually more options which make them heavier, despite the alu doors, so in terms of pure performance the difference between both models is not that huge.
But it is definitely a better car, although not necessarily more fun to drive than the 3.0L and some of the advantages such as brakes and suspension can be compensated easily through aftermarket parts. The S50B30 is also more explosive due to the limited torque at low rpm (well... obviously still more than a S52) and the single Vanos so in terms of sensation it is still interesting.
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