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Default Re: *** Nitrous FAQ ***

Hey Just read thru this entire thread...awesome encouraging and very excited to start this project on my rce car...
Im about to buy no2 for my e36 m3 s52 with 80k on it, its a pro/am drift car for comp use only however i do drive it on the streets sometimes to my local tracks...
Goal is to get about 100-150 extra whp for comps.

im asking to see if someone wouldn't mind helping me walk thru buying the right kit and right parts for my install.
what do i need?

direct port on the stock manifold (s52)or single on the intake pipe after MAF?

wet or dry?

what gauges etc do i need

a wide band with a/f lean cutoff etc

heard i need colder spark plugs and make sure my timing isn't advanced.
how do i know if my timing is advanced?
Im running a old tune(chip) from RMS with a CAI and 3.5 maf

I've heard about horror stories and really great stories so if you wouldn't mind walking me thru the best set up
and things to do right the first time id really appreciate it. Im sure you guys know and understand drifting however my only problem with running a setup is sometime i sit on the limiter so how do i set up a system for this? can you program is to on work on a rpm range and this shut off before i get the limiter etc?
thanks for your help in advance.
any pictures of a set up or if you know of a thread for a e36 send me the links haven't found any yet thanks
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