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Default Re: 13.5F/13R & 19's - most comfortable suspension avail?

Originally Posted by aznbo187 View Post
Care to elaborate on mono vs twin? Conceptually, I still don't understand a clear advantage for either configuration and when one is preferred over the other. Current setup is the Eibach PSS which is a mono - however, tbh, I remember my friends TCK being more comfortable at a higher spring rate and lower height.
Theoretically there is a difference in response and consistency of performance, in addition to ride comfort and load handling and the size of the rainbow a unicorn farts under a blue moon while Saturn is in retrograde.

Realistically, in my experience twin tubes seem comfier and monotubes tend to be harsher. The real magic comes in the damper piston and design of the damping mechanism (eg MCS bump dissipation) and that far outweighs, IMO, the academic twin tube vs monotube debate. I don't think the distinction matters what so ever for a street suspension.

As far as a blanket statement can be made however, twin tubes a la Koni are well mannered trackable sporty street shocks. Monotubes such as MCS and Bilstein are stiff streetable race car shocks. Then you have JRZ RS coming in as a twin tube spoiler to the race car shock brigade, so while the trend exists it is hardly a definitive statement.
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