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Default Re: 13.5F/13R & 19's - most comfortable suspension avail?

Originally Posted by rpearl555 View Post
What are the compromises of coils if they have lifetime warranty? Just increased maintenance intervals? (Tck in this case)
Currently on new konis
Just a few, in my approximate level of annoyance
--NVH. It WILL be worse.
--Rebuild interval. Again, will be worse.
--Set up time. Don't discount this-- more knobs to twiddle means lots of time twiddling.
--Cost for height adjustment you won't use after week 2. Self explanatory.
--Alignment shops will rip you off for having 'complicated' adjustments
--Ground clearance will likely be less, because more low bro
--Shock travel will be less, because shorter components designed for lower ride heights.
--Back to the top, NVH-- city roads will be less comfortable, impacts will be harsher, all because you're using a performance damper on roads that snowplows happily mutilate.
--The more you spend, the worse the ride quality on the street. BUT. The less you spend, the worse the ride quality everywhere. TCKs hit the horrid-good-bad ride quality pricing sweet spot.

That all said, there are many benefits to coilovers for performance and sporty driving. It's worth recognizing the drawbacks exist.
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