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Default Re: 13.5F/13R & 19's - most comfortable suspension avail?

I'll add yet another voice to the chorus saying TCK above all, if you want coilovers, or koni + springs if you don't want coilover compromises.

Across my cars I've had Bilstein+springs, TCK DA, AST 4100, MCS DA, Stock, and have sitting in a box the Dinan Koni+Spring kit (haven't installed, so won't discuss).

The TCKs were by far the best sporty DD suspension of the lot, followed by stock. The streetability of the TCKs is impressive, and they are still plenty capable on track. I tracked mine like crazy and loved them, but jumped to MCS when I thought I was going to go full racecar. Still hasn't happened, but the car is really only used for autox/track so it was worth it.

The ASTs were mediocre. Poor ride quality IMO, wasn't impressed, didn't keep them long. I bought into the monotube marketing hype and was sorely disappointed.

The MCSs....holy crap. Amazing racecar shock. Poor street shock, when compared to the TCKs. Still very streetable but ride quality is much more firm than the TCK type kits. I'm glad I bought them for the track car but I would not buy them for a street car or primarily streeted car. These shocks have incredible bump control, but don't let the hype fool you into thinking that makes them a better street shock than a Koni-- it absolutely does not.

Stock was...stock. New OE stock is very nice, especially for not caring about potholes or ground clearance. I'm pretty excited to put the Dinan kit on the car to get a bit sportier version of the stock setup on the non-S54 car.

I do wish we could retrofit the GM magnetic shocks onto the E3/46 Ms. Those are incredible IMO.
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