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Default Re: Pilot Super Sport - awful tread wear ?

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
Zero toe up front for you Eric or a hair out? I run zero and 1/32"-3/64" each side inwards rear.
Originally Posted by EricSMG View Post
Toe in up front, hands down. It's better in all ways, in my opinion, especially on center, giving the wheel a locked down feeling over flighty sections of road. I like a steering wheel that "wants" to stay at 12 o'clock, requiring driver intent to change direction.

I like to drive fast and I don't want the steering wheel to do anything other than what I tell it. I don't like overly quick turn-in or fast ratios and I like some amount of understeer if really provoked.

I'm weird
where do you guys go here in SoCal where you can be so precise with your alignment specs?
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