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Default Re: Brembo Caliper/AP Racing Style Disc Kit -- Group-Buy Interest Thread

Hi Guys,

I am awake :P so I will get some things out of the way:


As has been mentioned, the calipers are recieved with Brembo red paint. We have done multiple caliper refurbishments and repaint over the years, it is not a new thing for us, so we can swap that color for a price. I will send Leighton prices soon, but the price includes the RED calipers from brembo. I want to emphasize, that Brembo have been making brakes for years now, and as quality of craftsmen as we are, it is possible that brembo use additives in their paint, which we do not have access to. With that said, we have never had an issue with repainted calipers, and we have done track cars, time-attack cars, and huge boats like Audi RS-6's, BMW M5's etc etc, so we do know what we are doing.


A lot has been commented about a rear BBK, and Leighton did mention it. We have ideas, we have calipers in mind, we have calculated brake biases ETC etc. With that said, the rear BBK will not drop quite so soon. 2 reasons for it:

1. I am currently investing in multiple items including radiators, cams, pistons, rods, airbox, exhaust etc. ANd all of these planned projects needs to be finalized before we can spew out a rear kit on the market. So this kit will drop before christmass hopefully, and a rear kit will drop arround mid-spring time. That is another 3-4 months at least.

2. Getting a hold of brembo and ordering calipers from them for a retail price which is not astronomical is not easy. Usually the way it goes is brembo caters to its clients - car dealers, their retailers etc. The retailers usually have set prices by brembo for retail (I am guessing, I might be wrong on that). So building a relationship with a party close to brembo, (a dealer, a race team or anyone else who buys in bulk at low prices) and getting calipers brand new, from the factory, for a low price is not easy at all... We need to get some orders in to ask another favor and to start building more relationtships within the sector .

How is price so low?

The reason our prices are not astronomical is firstly, we do not charge huge premiums over what we spend on the kits. Secondly, we do our research, build relationships, gather all sorts of information and design the kits accordingly using the best of what is offered on the market, at a reasonable price. A lot of it comes to what i have talked about above (relationships etc). Another thing is we fabricate our own bells, our own fitting kit. I basically have brought together my CNC machine shop with 3-4 other manufacturers to make this kit happen.

Another important factor is that this price is the price on launch. When we launch an item, especially into a new sector where we are not proven yet - we want people to buy our kit and test it - that is how confident we are in it. What that means is, that I want you guys to test for yourselves our items, and come back with reviews. Yes, I am selling with minimal profit, if any especially in the innitial group-buys, but that way more of you guys can test our item on your cars, and come back to us with a review. We want to know what you think, what we can change, what you would like - and if you like the kit as it is - all the better. It is one thing for us to make claims, it is another for a whole community to test our items and make sure they do what they are supposed to.

With that said, that also means that the price might climb up a little in the future (as I said on the initial group-buy we will be selling at minimal profits). No, it will not be by a lot, but possibly by another 100 - 120 usd. That is not because I am an ass-hole and I want to make a lot of money from this, but more-so because a lot of RnD goes on into every item we release, and we know that even at 100 usd more the kit will surpass your expectations. So the profits gained will fund an affordable brembo 4 pot rear BBK and other products the forum has been roaring for for a while .

Can I use my own brake lines?

We have played this with clients multiple times, and although I am sure you are an amazing person, we could not have some rules for one client and others for another. A reason why we send carbon items only detailed at this point is because we have had multiple times people, who are not 100% sure on what they want, ask for an unlacquered item, ruin it, and blame us on a forum. That actually happened just prior to us changing our prices and adding lacqueering and detaling to all of our items. So in this case, the end fixings will probably turn out to be different, or the brake lines you have might turn out too short, or the distance between the fixing and the caliper holder might be too little, so you cannot plug in the fixing you have, and none other are availiable in the USA. This will cause us so mutch headache's if that happens, both of us - the client and us, the retailer, trust me, I know... So in short: brakes will be sold with everything as a kit only.

Will a 32mm disc fit?

I believe it will not fit. I remember we measured the availiable space for a disc. If my memory serves right it was exactly 32mm. So a 32mm disc will touch the caliper, you neeed a least 1mm offset on each side.


Once it is realeased you guys will have info about pad sizes, etc etc. There is a huge choice of pads for this kit, so trust me, you will be happy. Almost every manufacturer we know of makes some:
PFC / EBC BRAKES / BREMBO / HAWK / FERODO / MINTEX etc etc. The standard E46 M3 pads will not fit obviously .


What I will do since many of you are asking for it is: every person who participates in the first gb, will get a bigger discount when we release our rear kit for the e46 M3. I hope that is good enough, as many people have asked about the rear kit on this thread. So uppon launch, people who have recieved a front kit, will get a bonus discount for the rear. As I currently have no clue what the price of the rear will be I cannot quote a percent, but it will be satisfactory I guarantee, at such expensive items I believe it might cover the transport to the USA and more.


Shipping prices will not be too huge. The package is small and not too-heavy. For example we are able to send a CSL Diffuser for 80 usd to the USA, so I believe a price arround that range is reasonable for this kit, as it is smaller, but it is a bit heavier. I cannot promise though, I need to check, but my belief is that transport costs will not be as big of a concern as they were with the bumper GB. We currently have pretty good prices from UPS.

Lastly One big Thank you to Leghton for writing this all down and working with us. That guy obviously is an M3 enthusiast, just like us. Every item we design we design for our own cars first, and Leighton has been amazing with including you guys into the mix and giving us more and more ideas on how to improve our products.

I am glad this forum is so supportive of us, and our items. We try out best to give you guys what you need. Thank you for the support and the responses.

Best regards,

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