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Default Re: F10 M5 knob & boot install in e46 M3

Originally Posted by BearDeXPS View Post
No, read next time Not a ZHP knob and it's not broken or gummed up as I stated above. It didn't come right off freely... it was hard shifting from 1st to 2nd.

All of the shifter bushings, bearings, clips, shims were just replaced brand new OE or RE... everything.

The bushing did not break... I broke the rear bushing loose of its securing body clamp - #4 below, by hammering down on the shift knob with my open hand trying to get it on tighter.

I got the bushing/shifter linkage all back together (as described in previous post) so no big deal... was just curious if anyone else had this issue and what adhesive/sealant they used (or suggest to use) to get the knob on there a little more secure... but loose enough for one day when I might need to remove the knob again...

I ended up using some silicone, we'll see if that works....
good clarification... keep us updated if the silicone trick works
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