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Default Re: OEM Plus Eurospec M3 Build

All of this debate is great but I'm with MParallel and sticking to the original BMW specs. BMW engineers have to factor in engine temps at all outside conditions (including very cold), electrical loads of the fan and the fan duty cycles and durability. The fan switch works fine so I won't replace it.

I might change the coolant temp sensor but I don't think it will make a difference.

[quote=Kirbius;1067450647]Remember to get the two 38x2.5 orings (i think, double check that)]

You are right about 38x2.5 orings BUT I think they are discontinued. I could only find 38x3.0 orings used on the E46 S54.

Originally Posted by Kirbius View Post
Valves clearances, Beisen kit, vac hoses etc on the cards if the maint history is unknown

I plan on doing the valves, vanos, and timing chain tensioner in the winter.

Regarding the vacuum hoses. Are they a standard size? Can I buy a few feet of silicon hose and replace it all? Or do I need to buy the BMW stuff?

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