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Default Re: OEM Plus Eurospec M3 Build

Originally Posted by _JohnnyD_ View Post
I Googled a few videos showing a temp gage with a bypassed buffer. Mine is definitely buffered because it shows a very consistent temp during the entire drive.

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Yes, they all are, from factory. But M's are less than others. And US more than Euro from the many related topics all over the forums.

Could be that it was like that in my M3 cluster coding file. Don't have it here.

I do have the one from my 328i here (coding index 25, vs 27 for the M3) I know the C27 has a slightly different parameter from the temp gauges values.

Here's part of the cluster coding file. Probably will read like hieroglyphs if you're not familiar with it, but in short:

There are 5 values (temps) that can be coded for 5 designated needle points on the scale:

1: at end of blue scale
2: just out of blue scale
3: middle
4: just right from middle
5: start of redzone (light on)

Temp_geberwert_1 00000031 (01)
TEMP_GEBERWERT_1 00000031 (01) FF
wert_01 31 31 value 01 E36

Temp_geberwert_2 00000033 (01)
TEMP_GEBERWERT_2 00000033 (01) FF
wert_01 7B 7B value 01 !(S50B30,S50B32,ALPINA)
wert_02 92 92 value 02 S50B30,S50B32,ALPINA

Temp_geberwert_3 00000035 (01)
TEMP_GEBERWERT_3 00000035 (01) FF
wert_01 B0 B0 value 01 E36

Temp_geberwert_4 00000037 (01)
TEMP_GEBERWERT_4 00000037 (01) FF
wert_01 E1 E1 value 01 !(S50B30,S50B32,ALPINA)
wert_02 D8 D8 value 02 S50B30,S50B32,ALPINA

Temp_geberwert_5 00000039 (01)
TEMP_GEBERWERT_5 00000039 (01) FF
wert_01 E7 E7 value 01 E36

Here you see that by default there are 2 different temps defined for position 2 and 4. For S50B30,S50B32,ALPINA models and that are not.
With the lower value being for the S50B30,S50B32,ALPINA.

So with coding you can set, well all of course, but most interesting, 3 and 4. The temp you want to be the needle in the middle and than most importantly, at what temp you want the needle to come out of the middle. Not when the engine is already cooking.

So with some playing around you can make it pretty much unbuffered.

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