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Default Re: Ecs tuning customer service sucks

Originally Posted by MAK3N3 View Post
I've bought plenty from ECS but I bought a mode carbon lip back in mid November and IT DID say there was a 30 day lead time I think AFTER I paid so was like ok fine...I'm busy...45 days rolls around no update on shipping, called said it would be shipped out that Friday, didn't happen, called back again like one+ week later and all I got was shipping label was created and it's been sitting at warehouse (mode carbon's I'm guessing) should drop shipped soon & they'll get definite answer n email me. The guy seemed to not even care about his crappy customer service, never got email either and so my lip finally showed up Jan 4th. I don't care if Mode had to make my lip, ship from over seas whatever - that customer experience sucked and I will be taking my shit elsewhere now.
That sucks, but that is also what I got. The I don't care attitude. They may have been good in the past for some, but they have fallen off. My business is forever elsewhere. I am sure they will chime in asking for PMs etc, promising to make things better but it will be the same disappointment.
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