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Default Re: e90 prices now through rest of year?

Originally Posted by WillC310 View Post
I'm not sure why people are asking premiums for their E90s - and I'm an E90 owner. Yeah these will probably be the last high rev'ing NA motors but c'mon, it's not like there are only 5000 made or something. Last time I checked most cars depreciate.
Um, actually there were about that many. Exactly 5,867 E90 M3s were imported to USA/Canada during its lifetime. 3135 6MTs and 2732 DCTs (although the ratio of DCT to 6MT went way up in the later model years, i.e. it was 2080 6MT to 200 DCT for pre-LCI E90 then 1055 6MT to 2532 DCT for LCI E90s).

I found out why my hunt for a 2011 6MT E90 with no sunroof was SO hard -- there were only ~180 2011/6MT/no-sunroof E90s imported to the USA.
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