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Default Re: DIY: E46 M3 detailed subframe reinforcement, gear fluid changes, and bushing refr

Step 106: Replace the exhaust system gaskets, hardware, and rings with new parts. Reinstall the heat shields. Reinstall the exhaust system back into the car. Reinstall the plastic guards.

Step 107: Bleed the two rear calipers with new fluid to get any air out of the lines that may have entered when they were opened.

Step 108: Reinstall the rear v-brace. Torque each of the 3 bolts to 44 ft-lbs.

Step 109: This step is optional. Place a drip pan or jug underneath the differential fill and drain plugs. They are located on the passenger side of the differential. Remove both plugs and crush washers. Use a 14mm hex bit socket to remove them.

Step 110: After the differential has finished draining, replace the drain plug along with a new crush washer (PN: 07119963355). The drain plug is the plug closest to the bottom of the differential.

Step 111: Refill the differential with 3 bottles of BMW differential fluid 0.5 liter (PN: 83222282583). Fluid will begin to flow out of the fill plug when the differential is full.

Step 112: Replace the fill plug back into the differential along with a new crush washer (PN: 07119963355). Torque both the fill and drain plugs to 48 ft-lbs each.

Step 113: Double-check everything underneath the car and ensure all parts have been replaced back on the car. Resinstall the wheels and torque the lug bolts/nuts to 88 ft-lbs. Lower the car and go for a short drive to check everything out. If you changed the fluids, remember to do a few figure 8's and U-turns to properly coat the internals of the differential.

Originally Posted by Schitzel View Post
^ this guy and his sick nasty DIYs!!!
Thanks man. It's coming along. By far the longest and most complex DIY I've put together to date.
For those apprehensive about DIYing...

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