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Default Re: Your Autocross Setup?

PSS fronts will help but if the car is stock-ish and you're running 225 fronts without camber plates it will plow badly, always, though the super tight stuff if you enter too hot. This is part of the challenge, though - you've got to learn to drive in a way so as to avoid this and you'll get better doing so.

It should be noted that the car's tendency to plow in super tight stuff does't indicate a problem but rather reminds us what the car was NOT designed to do. It was built to haul ass at high speeds with excellent stability and response, not to do 30 mph u-turns in a parking lot.

In other words - it's still a hoot to AutoX bone stock (and can be quite quick) even if the car isn't well suited to it.

Edit - you for sure want to pull the pins and max out front camber if you haven't, though. This, plus the PSS' will help a lot and only make the car better on the street (no compromises).

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