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Default Re: best tyres for e36 m3

Subjective but for street my favorite tire has been the PSS (on an E92 and F82) but I've heard nothing but good things on P4S. I personally got a set of continentals for testing 'extreme contact sports' and was initially really impressed by the wet and cold grip but they are no where near as good as the PSS when hot.

For track I've run Azenis and now Nexen SUR4G, both amazing tires. I felt more on the Azenis but they were reinforced and take a bit to get hot, the SUR4G warm up right away. I know a few guys running Hoosier R7 and they swear by them, the RE-71 also are really good for autocross. In the US its hard but everywhere else Nankang AR-2 are supposed to be amazing.

Overall street I'd go PSS or P4S but no street tire on this planet will compete with a true race style tire. The DOT race tires close the gap though.
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