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Default Re: Who here as replaced their axles/driveshaft

Originally Posted by PITT M3 RR View Post
Glad this thread came up,

I rebuilt my DS and asked this questing in my thread here

Is that what yours looked like? or is that about normal for 112k. I'ts the drive shaft CV. Car feels good but I have never driven a new one.

I rebuilt my half shaft due to tearing the boot by accident.
Ill see if I can snag some photos, as the axles are at the shop.

Originally Posted by 808elise View Post
Did u go with stock prices? My stock components were fine with the supercharger but I figured I would go with driveshaft shop custom axels and cf ds. Wondering if anyone has gone this route as it will probably be another month till mine is ready to drive.
Yes, I kept it all OE. Coinage is who helped me out big time with this, and he's using my old axles for his Turbo build, which hes ending out to be beefed up. Ill have to look into which company does it.

Originally Posted by Jackhhc View Post
Needed a rear axle output shaft for 2002 e46 M3 part number 33207839468 (rear right)

Where and who should i contact to get one of them? Is it possible to get it shipped?
Not sure? As far as I know, OE is the only option, has them
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