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Default Re: Who here as replaced their axles/driveshaft

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
Thanks, I think I'm still ok, but at 150k, prob not for long. It's also hard to separate this car's "normal" driveline noise and real issues at times.

Yeah, mostly impart that it's been so long since I've felt it with low miles. I had forgotten what a stock M3 felt like until yesterday, and this morning's drive.

Its a complete night and day difference with how smooth the SMG shifts. My only regret is ordering a diff before Matt took things apart and confirmed it 100%. I figured it was more common the backlash was bad than axles/driveshaft, but I atleast suspected the driveshaft should be replaced by now.

Can't complain overall. It's been a great car to drive for the past 8 years now. Hopefully I'll be done with its final build and move on to something new by December.

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