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Default Re: Anyone in Ventura County/805 down to get a meet started ?

Originally Posted by TEASE///M3 View Post
There really just aren't that many M3 in the tricounty. Theres.. some. To give you an idea I'm going to the Bay Area over the holiday weekend and made a meet up thread and it's on page 5 lol. Scene here just is sort of dead. Went to bimmerfest 2014 and the caravan for the tricounty was super small, stop in next county it became huge.
its odd though because i see a lot of bimmer heads all the time, my local homie says the same thing. seems like they are just not active in the forum scene, either that or they are your typical BMW snob LOL ...i only the get what up or dueces from folks in E46 or older generations. Seems to be if they got anything newer than my E46, they pretend to not see me ....
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