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Default Re: BMW upset with E46 M3 enthusiasts

Originally Posted by BTB View Post
Would be a mighty setup... Just curious, have you driven any of the non-GT Porsches, or the GT3/4? The non-GT are more daily-able (which may not be what you're looking for in a weekend car) but definitely a more buttoned down package as a sports car vs the M3. Even a stock 997.1 C2 will beat out an e46 M3. I think people overestimate the real-world difference between a base Porsche vs GT car on the street. Hell the GT4 even has a base motor, but no one seems to care because it's also got a big wing and GT on the back lol. And believe me you can tell that the GT4s engine is somewhat less strung out even compared to the S54, but to say that it isn't a far better sports car than the e46 would be ridiculous. Just saying, even a 987/997 S isn't something to turn your nose up at, imo.
If you can DD a manual e46 m3, you can DD a GT4 or a 991 GT3. They are supremely tractable on the street, as long as you don’t need the back seats, of course. And if you don’t spec the LWB’s, there’s really no difference in practicality vs a normal 911 or Cayman.

The 997 GT3, much less so. I dailied one for two years because I’m hardheaded and dat purist life yo, but ultimately I had to admit that it’s a pain in the ass

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