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Default Re: BMW upset with E46 M3 enthusiasts

Originally Posted by Dr M3an M3 View Post
Totally agree. F80 ZCP to put miles on and a GT3 for the special weekend car. Personally, the only car that I feel would be a natural step-up from my car would be a GT3/4. They continue the recipe that I have come to love so much, but in a modern, much improved, package.
Would be a mighty setup... Just curious, have you driven any of the non-GT Porsches, or the GT3/4? The non-GT are more daily-able (which may not be what you're looking for in a weekend car) but definitely a more buttoned down package as a sports car vs the M3. Even a stock 997.1 C2 will beat out an e46 M3. I think people overestimate the real-world difference between a base Porsche vs GT car on the street. Hell the GT4 even has a base motor, but no one seems to care because it's also got a big wing and GT on the back lol. And believe me you can tell that the GT4s engine is somewhat less strung out even compared to the S54, but to say that it isn't a far better sports car than the e46 would be ridiculous. Just saying, even a 987/997 S isn't something to turn your nose up at, imo.

Originally Posted by EricSMG View Post
Exactly, except what you're missing is that it's both a good everyday precision muscle car AND a Killer weekend car, for 64k. RWD, front engine, perfect balance, manual trans, huge brakes, wicked power, CF roof, amazing seats, super nice interior, killer good looks, every usability and just flat big pimpin'. Yes please.

Who's going to spend $100k on a weekend toy save for the very rich? For the rest of us either one badass all around car, or, a regular DD plus cheap weekend toy is reality. For me it's the former since I want to have fun every day.
I gotcha, that's why my only car is an e46 M3 (among other reasons, like my dad is the man). But why not a cheap DD and more expensive weekend toy? For less than what you pay for a new F80 you could have a new Fiesta ST, Corolla hatchback etc (manual) and a very nice used 911. That would be a tough call for me. I guess for me the main driver is I generally prefer my sports cars to be NA. Hence why I like the idea of an F80 daily if I can manage a proper sports car as a weekender.

Originally Posted by Drewster View Post
Agreed - having to do elaborate engine work and structural enhancements as soon as you get the car is something I've only had to do on the e46
Originally Posted by terraphantm View Post
Yeah, but essentially you'r saying "Outside of the tendency for the engine to blow itself up and the chassis to rip itself apart, the car is very stout". Pretty ridiculous statement when put that way IMO.
It is downright ridiculous lol. But it goes to show how much us e46 owners will overlook (ie overpay) to keep our beloved cars ticking, which is a testament to the car's greatness.

Originally Posted by terraphantm View Post
Not quite. The root cause is that they eliminated a one-way valve that prevented oil from flowing backwards and putting the exhaust hub under unacceptable load. The S50b32 and S62 (which otherwise have near identical VANOS systems to the S54) both retain the valve. Reducing the clearances helps. Reducing oil weight probably helps. But ultimately the root cause is that BMW wanted to save a little money by making the design a little simpler.
I'm curious about this, what are the results of removing that check valve you speak of? Or, specifically, what are the effects of oil flowing backwards. I understand the exhaust hub issue, but never heard anything relating to oil flow, other than the S54 (and S85) VANOS use seriously high pressure to function.
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