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Default Re: BMW upset with E46 M3 enthusiasts

Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
IDGAF about performance. Calibration typically is rolled into feedback for the most part, and excitement is a result of the list being met.
Come on dude, you don't give a fukk about performance?

In that case, the E36 M3 better fits your criteria...or BRZ. But the reason you put up with the 46's issues is because it offers much better performance, and thus excitement. (waiting for interior excuse)

Let's be realistic here. A big part of what makes the 46 so fun is because it hauls ass and grips well and has impressively high limits - it's getting up into the butt pucker zone. Its expert calibration allow as you to kiss its limits without killing yourself, and combined with the raw performance is what makes it exciting. If its limits were way lower it wouldn't be nearly as exciting. Fun, maybe, but not exciting.

The E36 is extremely fun. It is not very exciting. We don't drive those cars for a reason.

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