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Default Smg motor

For those of you contemplating a smg motor replacement, here is what happened to me.

Test your base pressure and leakdown if these are good but your still getting codes 53/56. Check your time to max pressure, for me it took about 1 minute to build up from 50-85bar.

When I would shift a couple times pressure would drop below 50 and it would drop to neutral.

Temperature had no effect on the cars ability to build pressure, but instead how long it took to build it. Probably the drop in viscosity. This would result in more neutral drops more often.

Today I pulled the smg motor and checked the “consumables.” Ie brushes and commutator.

The commutator was totally worn out. Wear like this will drop motor power and would lead to slow pressure buildup. I ordered a replacement motor and will post the results but this is as much of a smoking gun as I ever get.

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