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Default Re: Looking For A Shop In The Northeast Look Here.....

Originally Posted by rich-lol View Post
Does anyone have experience with a one-stop shop in the bergen area for Beisan/Vanos bulletproofing, subframe reinforcement and bushing replacements, and general maintenance (inspection 2, etc)? Or is it better to piecemeal things with the respective specialists?

I just purchased a 2006, took it to the dealer for the airbag recalls, and was hoping for an inspection 2 and valve adjustment. Was told adj valves wasn't necessary on an '06, and and the standard safety inspection was enough. I didnt feel too confident with the dealer after that, and cut my losses.

Any have experience with Rogue Engineering? They sell popular aftermarket parts, and have a shop, would seem to know what they are doing.


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Contact Dan, ( X m3P0Wer x) or something like that.. he specializes in vanos and he's local to you.. bout 20-30 min away.

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