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Default Re: Official: BMW PNPC (Part Number Price Comparison) v2.8.1

Originally Posted by camberm3 View Post
That's odd. I never had such an experience with Morristown.

One thing is for sure; I always end up saving at least $300 on an order of $1,000+ through them vs any other closest online competitor. In my book, that's a lot. They got everybody's prices beat, by a long shot.

But if FCP will match it and you feel more comfortable buying from them, then by all means go for it.
How do they compare to TheBmwPartStore (now called thebmwminipartstore). They have always been the lowest on damn near everything that I could find, but i had not heard of morristown. I've heard of fcp, didnt know they price matched though. All good info!
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