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Default Is a 100,000 mile plus car a bad idea?

I'm considering a high miles (100k+) e92m. Is that a terrible idea, or is a well maintained but high-mileage car just fine?

Like most models, these cars appear to take a big hit at 100k miles in terms of their value. It looks like there are a variety of 100ish k mile cars for sale around $20,000, but the sale price for cars in the 50k-90k range is at or above $30,000.

$10,000 pays for a lot of repairs, especially given that I DIY pretty much everything and this would not be a DD.

I bought my e46m with 86,000 miles and ended up feeling like it was a mistake. Better options are to either spend more for low low miles (<50k) or pay far less for high miles (>100k).

Any opinions out there?
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