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Default Re: E36 M3 as first car??

Originally Posted by jhamer123 View Post
This is my first post but I've been browsing the forum nonstop for the past 3-4 days.

I've been in love with the e36 M3 for a while. I've recently been looking into buying a late 90's, specifically 97 and 99, and would love some advice on whether or not I should. I'm 16 with a steady job even through the school year, making 250-300 easy in a weekend. Also during the summer, I will make 6-7,000 comfortably. I've found a '97 M3 with 125,000 miles. It recently got a new clutch, flywheel, BC coil overs, new spark plugs, valve cover, new brakes rotors all around, new lower control arms, new in tire rod, new subframe bushing and more. The ask is $7,500. Based on what I know that seems reasonable. There is no other car I'd like to drive more than an M3.

Many people have told me that buying an M3 is just setting me up for spending thousands on repairs and possibly ruining me financially. I am a very responsible driver and wouldn't be an idiot on the road. I may occasionally track it with my father. Mostly to deal with the want to race on the roads.

Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!


couple questions:

1. what other cars have you driven (routinely?)

2. what makes you want an M3? Do you know what it takes to keep one on the road?

You might be under-estimating the e36M for what it is... its not super fast, but it has enough power to abuse, and is pretty lite/small..

That said, if i were you i'd get an Acura RSX for now... or an R53 JCW Mini Cooper, but those are still kinda pricey..

get something you can throw around a track and learn quick, from.. an M3 isnt quite as forgiving (or cheap)

any M-car in your price range will likely cost you more than you can afford, over time, but an RSX or JCW will be reliable, quick and fun for the occasional track-day.. if you aspire to track an M3, it means you'll likely need access to parts, which...wont be as cheap...

theres no rush
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