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Default Re: E36 M3 as first car??

Originally Posted by jhamer123 View Post
I am a very responsible driver and wouldn't be an idiot on the road. I may occasionally track it with my father. Mostly to deal with the want to race on the roads.
Ha! I was 16 once. I was either spinning the tires or dragging the rears at every chance.

If you buy one just plan on driving the thing into the ground. No one will pay a teenager much for a used German M-car with the silly mods it will inevitably acquire. At your age, don't worry about the money. There's plenty of time to make more.

96 Boston on Grey 2dr - Sold 10.28.17 Benny and Suad
98 TiSilver on Black 4dr - Sold 7.19.17 Jono driving it
97 Byzanz on Magma 4dr - Sold 7.7.17 Jerad in CO
98 Estoril on Grey 4dr - Sold 9.23.13 Garrett driving it
98 Arctic on Grey 4dr - Sold 3.18.13 Brandon driving it
98 Estoril on Grey 2dr - Sold 8.6.12 Thy sold it
99 Estoril on Sand 2dr - Sold 7.31.12 Eric modding it
98 Arctic on Grey 2dr - Sold 3.10.12 Kyle driving it
96 Techno on Black 2dr-Sold 6.13.09 Ross totaled it

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