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Default Re: E36 M3 as first car??

My personal opinion is you might be better off getting an E36 non-M for a third the price. The Ms, while not terribly fast by today's standards, have a lot of torque down low for a new driver. A non-M will let you expore the limits a bit more easily/safely I think.

Also, it's a car you're going to be learning to work on, and there's less to loose if you mess something up with the non-M. The way the value on M cars is going, it would be a shame for you to "learn the hard way" on something that might be worth a lot. Also, consider insurance for the car. I'm not sure whether the value in the eyes of insurers are keeping up with the market.

That said, if your heart is set on the M, that sounds like a decent deal. The cars are pretty easy to work on.
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